A Look at Akeruka Advanced – Episode 5

As the last post I published with the Akeruka Advanced male mesh head already dates from more than a month ago, I wanted to check what the price is for this rather splendid mesh head and I was pleasantly surprised that it’s still just L$2000 (25 October 2020). That’s a bargain! Add to this affordable price the fact that with this head you can easily get away with using some BOM skins that were made for other heads and I got myself a perfect excuse to create another look with it.

This time I rummaged around in my considerable stash of Birth skins and settled on Evan for Catwa mesh heads. I am using the BOM version of course, because I could be clicking on that Catwa applier button till the cows come home (to my one-bedroom flat on the outskirts of Stockholm? Cows? Whatdaföck?) that skin isn’t going to apply to that head. I’m using the Akeruka Advanced head with the Legacy Meshbody and of course the head fits on it beautifully. Naturally you’ll find a skin for this body at Birth as well. It’s also worth noting that last time I did something with this head, I was using a full beard and someone suggested I’d do just a moustache next time. So there you see, sometimes I actually listen and take things aboard. All aboard the crazy train! Choo-choo!. *Shouts at shrink*: HOW DO YOU MEAN I’M “HYPER”?!

Even if you’re not really all that fond of costumes but like to join in on the Halloween fun on some level, you can look for some items with a holiday theme, like something with skulls or pumpkins, or both. Orange is always a good colour, probably because of the pumpkins and also the changing leaves. Mind you, there are some years in my area that we don’t really get that splendid autumn colour pallet at all. You’ll be like “oh look there are some yellow leaves, next there will be orange…” Nope. BROWN! The best word to describe the month of November is brown or possibly fifty shades of gray without the sex. Still, they’ll be putting up some more fairy lights in trees soon. We like fairy lights, don’t we. Yes we do.


  • Akeruka Advanced mesh head, including an HD beard with some options (don’t worry you can have a clean shave if you want).
  • Legacy body by “Meshbody” (they appropriated the generic term “mesh body” as their brand, I don’t like it either, but I really like the body).
  • Birth Evan for Catwa (using the BOM layer) + Birth applier or BOM for Legacy
  • Billy Beaverhausen Akeruka Advanced and Belleza Tim Shape
  • Wings TZ1008 Hair, at the Man Cave event till November 11th
  • Mr Razzor Moustache
  • Avi Glam Solstice eye, applied to the rigged eyes that come with the head (you will need the Omega System Kit for Akeruka, which you can get at the Akeruka store.
  • Noche Angel Open Shirt and Hayden Jeans, both rigged for Belleza Jake and Legacy. The shirt is also rigged for Signature Gianni and the jeans include a size for the female Legacy body, in case any ladies have stumbled onto this blog. The Anthony boots are from Noche as well and rigged for Jake, Legacy and Signature.
  • Halloween necklace from RealEvil Industries (group gift)
  • Leather cuff by Z O O M (couldn’t find it at their store, maybe it was a one-off gift or hunt item)

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