My little Retreat

Ever since I lost my large loft some months ago, I have been tinkering with the interior of the Apple Fall Paris Loft, now only available as a re-sale gacha on Marketplace. The nice thing about a small space like this, is that you can easily make it look rather lived-in. The prims you get with a 1024 sqm. plot of land, will go a long way with this. There’s only one usable space and two doors that lead to nothing, but in your mind one of those doors can lead to a bathroom. Think of it: you have a bathroom, but you don’t need to use any prims on it. Let that sink in. Yes, it only exists in your mind, but then again everything in Second Life™ only exists on a server and isn’t that just a digital mind that isn’t even capable of creative thought? Don’t get me started on things that only exist in the minds of the failed stand-up comedians who serve as political opinion people on Fox News. We shall not get political! You shall not pass!!! Wow, that was a bit random. Anyhoo, you can bet on it that bathroom in your head is going to be bloody fantastic!

Obviously you have to be open to the loft lifestyle in this kind of space, meaning that a living room and bedroom will always flow into each other. I’ll make an attempt to list many of the items I’ve used, but I’ll probably run out of steam a bit, so some of the smaller stuff will be left off. You’re always free to ask for it in the comments.

There are a lot of Apple Fall items in here. From their West Village Mona Office collection there is the desk, chair and lamp. I’ve put their Reclaimed Corbel Shelf above the desk and all the books you see on it are from Apple Fall as well. Then there is the Mercantile Bookshelf, the Noel Cabinet in red, Travel Drawers (those are from the same retired gacha as the loft), Pallet Bed, Wooden Trunk and the Full Wood Sofa. The small bookshelf on the right and the frame of the painting with the violinist are also retired gache items from Apple Fall. Again, if you do a search on Apple Fall frame or book shelf, you’ll find these in Marketplace. The actual painting is something I grabbed from the internet. It’s The Violinist by Finnish artist Pekka Halonen and I’ve seen it in
From Fancy Decor I got the Grandfather clock and the rug under the desk as well as the one under the bed.
The Aria Oakley Dining Table and Chairs are perfect for the limited space I had here for a dining area. It makes it feel like a little café now, with some eatable goodies from What Next. Stop licking the screen. Stop it! You’re disgusting.

For such a small loft, that is a rather well equipped kitchen, don’t you think? I just thought it was a very logical choice for that wall and the Catia Kitchen by Consignment feels classic enough to look at home in this loft. To keep warm I have a lovely little wood burner by Lisp.

That’s about it. If you wonder about any of the items I haven’t mentioned, just drop something in the comments. Preferably a comment. Oh, I’m the redhead wearing the Thirst Union Suit and the other guy is wearing the Noche Pajama Onesie (a gift).

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