Another Fairy Day – Episode 9

When I saw that Noche released a Glitter Thong at this year’s Sultry event, which runs till December 1st of the year from hell a.k.a. 2020, till of course next year gets even worse… Right! Stay on topic! Thong! Glitter and be fae. Yes, that’s where I thought I was going to take this particular Noche garment. It was time to spread my fairy wings and sparkle again.

Naturally, this item would have been equally at home on a stage but I don’t want my previously used “Burlesque Boys” theme to get too much exposure. We’ll return to that at some point, but for now I’m letting my fairy flag fly. Obviously a sparkly undergarment is also perfectly suitable club wear, with the right accessories and shoes of course. Deuh! Anyhoo, don’t let me tell you how and where to wear things. Just go out their and live YOUR Second Life™ the way you see fit.


  • Catwa Victor mesh head
  • Belleza Jake mesh body
  • Catwa Victor & Belleza Jake Shape Billy
  • Stray Dog Erwin skin + body skin for Belleza (using BOM)
  • Noche mesh nipples
  • Stealthic Hysteria hair and hair base
  • IDTTY Hustler eyebrows
  • Avi-Glam solstice eyes (applied to rigged Catwa eyes)
  • Mandala Season 5 Steking mesh ears
  • Noche Glitter Thong at the Sultry event till December 1sth and at Noche’s main store after that
  • Noche Evan Harness
  • L’Emporio Sagittarius Archer Bento gloves
  • Equal Caleb sandals
  • PFC Fae wings
  • Unfortunately the fury shrug is not available. It was part of a Gorean set put out at an event by Thirst and they never made it available at their store afterwards. Gosh I feel exclusive now.
  • Location: Eterea (moderate)

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