My birthday and Christmas have come at once with the very sporty Noah jockstrap by Noche, which is currently being launched into the Second Life™ hotness-stratosphere at Fameshed. Actually, my birthday is rather soon after New Year’s day and I sometimes wonder if that is the main reason why I care so very little for it. I’ve even managed to forget about it once or twice, when I wasn’t particularly keeping an eye on the calendar. Anyhoo, let’s take a closer look at this jockstrap.

The fat pack allows you to play around with different colour combinations for the crotch, trim, straps and waistband, which for me personally means hours of fun colour-coordinating my underwear, knee-high socks, sneakers and crop top for that cheeky (gay) clubbing look. Of course, I wouldn’t be caught dead at such a place in real life. Or maybe I would haunt it, because it would be good fun ghost-pinching all those perky bums. My idea of a night out these days is finding a coffee place that’s open quite late, ordering a latte with a “morrotsmufin” (that’s Swedish for carrot muffin, one of the few things I’ll always say in Swedish when I order in Swenglish because it’s a fun word) and installing myself in a comfortable seat with my knitting and something playing on the iPad that doesn’t require too much concentration. However, I think that doing things you don’t do in real life IS the raison d’être for Second Life™. What would be the use if it’s exactly like you real life?

Some other things worth mentioning about the the Noah jockstrap is that it’s rigged for Belleza Jake and Legacy Meshbody, comes in four bulge sizes and has some fun wearing options, ideal for those of us who like to indulge in more adult shenanigans in SL. I also appreciate the different design options for the Noche logo and that you can leave the logo off altogether when a more neutral look is required. My only critique, and this goes for most underwear in SL, is that it would be more realistic if the waistband would go straight across the top of the butt cheeks rather then follow the curves. But hey, I often think that if Second Life™ becomes too realistic, I’d never leave.


Blonde: Legacy Meshbody, Stray Dog Jay BOM skin (for Catwa mesh heads) + matching body skin (skin tone #4), Akeruka Advanced mesh head, Modulus Lewis hat & hair, Stealthic Haunting hair, Stealthic hair base, Noche Armani mesh crop top, Noah jockstrap and Athletic socks, my Connor shape

Brunette: Belleza mesh body, Lelutka Guy mesh head, Clef De Peau Allan skin for Lelutka + body skin for Belleza, Stealthic Reach hair, Noche Noah jockstrap and Athletic socks, my Gus shape

Red head: Belleza mesh body, Lelutka Andrea mesh head, Stray Dog Jake skin for Lelutka + body skin for Belleza, Stealthic Hysteria hair, Noche Noah jockstrap

Paparazzi Old School Locker Room backdrop, N4RS shower (adult MM), Thirst Activ gym bag (it was an Epiphany gacha exclusive), BAMSE baseball bat Slugger “Candy” (gacha, not available at there tiny store, but plenty of surplus gachas on Marketplace), David Heather shoe set (gacha)… Oh gachas gachas gachas, how addictive you are!

Take a peek at what the guys were previously wearing in this locker room setup in my blog post about a Noche and Tylie colaboration.

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