Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 26

RIGHT! It’s time to inject some Christmas content into this blog. After a couple of fruitless tries with the usual “the sim is full” message, I finally managed to get to the current round of Fameshed. I expect things won’t be calming down so quickly at this event this time around, because there’s a bunch of gifts up for grabs and this understandably causes even more traffic than usual to this already popular event.

Most of the gifts are for female avatars, which was to be expected, as that is the usual focus at Fameshed. Don’t despair though, because there are a few goodies for home makers and a couple of wearable items for guys too. Personally I was charmed by the free (faux) fur lined socks by Gild. What a clever way to encourage people to buy an item. I’m sure I would have found something else to wear with the socks, but that little Gild Santa suit was literally made to go with them and quasi irresistible for those of use who like naughty Santas, frisky elves and everything in between.

If it wasn’t such a cliche, I’d say it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but so many people started decorating early this year as an antidote against the general feeling of dread hanging over us, that it’s been looking like Christmas for at least half a month already, which means there’s a good chance half us will be quasi bored with it by Christmas Eve. Oh well, it’s a good chance to get some practice for the grumpy old man schtick. I’ll be turning 45 at the beginning of next year, so I need to start training now if I ever want to become a full-fledged difficult old person. I’ll leave you with that thought and the credits.


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