Christmas Throwback

At least once every year in the holiday season I dive deep into the treasure trove that is my inventory and pull out something that’s no longer available. The Noche Reindeer outfit is a great example of this. This set dates from 2016 and was made for the TMP body only. I actually had to go back to that body to don this outfit, because it doesn’t work well with the Classic Meshbody. I guess that proves that Meshbody actually did make changes to the TMP Deluxe body to turn it into their current Classic Meshbody. There are still no issues with the TMP Deluxe body though. People were telling me that if TMP ever went offline, the body would be useless. Four and a half years later it’s still fully functionally. Then again, as it was a 5000 L$ purchase even in 2016, it better well be!

I use the Noche reindeer outfit in two ways. I either wear the harness, collar, arm straps and antlers with the baggy trousers and studded sneakers from The Shops (also no longer available) and wear the Noche Metallic Thong underneath the trousers (the size 0 bulge is perfect for this). Alternatively I wear the set with the jockstrap that comes with it and also add the thigh straps. Of course this outfit came with a hud that has 10 colours for the fabric, 5 metals and 7 fur textures… A fat lot of good that’ll do you, as it’s no longer available. Personally I get positively giddy at so many colour combination options, especially as I also have those baggy trousers, shoes and the metallic thong in every available colour. And that’s how I spend my Christmas. Such fun!


  • Noche reindeer outfit 2016, The Shops baggy trousers and studded sneakers no longer available
  • Noche Metallic thong rigged for Signature Gianni, Belleza Jake and TMP. Also works with Classic Meshbody
  • TMP Deluxe meshbody has been replaced by Classic Meshbody. A free version of this body is available.
  • Catwa Stanley mesh head
  • Bold & Beauty Keith for Catwa mesh heads (appliers) and matching body skin (you can use BOM with the Classic Meshbody)
  • Vango Matt hair
  • Noche mesh nipples
  • L’etrê Basic mesh ears
  • FOXCITY Photo Booth – Pink AF

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