I’m a Lover Not a Fighter

While I do admire the athleticism and grace involved in martial arts, the only punches I have thrown in real life have been accidental ones. Surely most of us have unintentionally hit someone right in the kisser while putting on a sweater in a hurry. No? Just me then.

For those in Second Life™ who do want to get engaged in some contact sport, Noche has released hand bandages to assure you’re battle ready should the occasion arise. You can wear the stained with bloody or freshly washed. I suppose that these can also simply be worn as a fashion accessory, especially there’s a version included to wear under long sleeves. Right! Clearly I seem to have better things to do than yammer on and on about this, so I’ll just leave you with the credits.

  • Noche Hand Bandage and Andre Boxer Briefs
  • Belleza Jake mesh body (both avatars)
  • Me (front)
    • Catwa Victor bento mesh head
    • Stray Dog Erwin skin for Catwa mesh heads + skin for the Belleza mesh body (BOM)
    • Billy Shape for Catwa Victor & Belleza Jake
    • IDTTY Hustler Eyebrows
    • Avi Glam Solstice eyes (applied to the eyes that come with the head)
    • L’etrê basic mesh ears
    • Modulus Adrian hair,
    • Modulus Body hair set 1 (BOM)
    • Stealthic hair base
  • Lover (back)
    • Lelutka Alain mesh head
    • Clef De Peau Allan skin
    • Grant Shape for Lelutka Alain and Belleza Jake (look different here because another skin was used)
    • Sintiklia hair Stephan, currently a gift at Man Cave until January 11th
    • Identity Body Shop “Drunk Mind” tattoo (also a Man Cave gift)
    • GA.EG skull nose piercing (yet another Man Cave gift, there’s lots of them)
    • Stray Dog Alexei facial hair (yup, a Man Cave gift)

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