Another Fairy Day – Episode 10

If it wouldn’t have been for Maleficent, I probably never would have associated feathery wings with fairies. They are mostly being depicted with iridescent insect-like membrane wings in various colours. However, some folklore casts fairies as demoted angels and of course we know for a matter of scientific fact that angels have feathery wings. Even that fallen one, Lucifer. I saw in a documentary on Fox. I think it’s on Netflix now. Anyhooo, I digress. You can wear whatever wings you like if you decide to take a walk on the Second Life™ Fay side. Chances are that you’re not that heavily into your roleplay anyway and just want a light-hearted moment to get away from the knee-deep shitteness of real life. Some day, you’ll just fly away.

My scantily dressed sexy fairies may not be to everyone’s taste, but I can live with that. After all, it is my Second Life™, not yours. Truth be told, I don’t think there is a very rich range of traditional high quality male fairy outfits to choose from in SL. In my mind something with a lot of straps makes kinda sense, so I naturally gravitate towards something like the Noche Evan Harness and Ayo Jockstrap. True, these items could easily be worn in a completely different setting (anyone else thinking sex dungeon?), but using the more earthy tones and wearing them with the Noche hand bandages, gives me a kind of daring sexy battle fairy vibe. Again, you don’t have to agree with me. It’s not like I care what you think, dear reader… Please say you like it! Pretty please with a cherry on top. Oh! “Cherry” Naughty! Hehe! Nudge nudge wink wink. Right! Enough with the dilly-dallying. Credits is what you need, so here we go up, up and away.


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