What’s Eating TMP 23

What’s eating TMP? For starters, people who still refer to them as TMP. It grinds their gears because they’ve been trying to get away from that past with their new name “Meshbody”. Rumour has it (oh, I feel an Adelle song coming on) that they’ve commented on some bloggers who still call them TMP. Meanwhile they keep rubbing content creators the wrong way by offering second class support. Take the latest addition to their male mesh body line up, Athletic Meshbody, for example. That body has been out for months and months and still they haven’t given designers a dev pack. Instead they’ve been telling them to guesstimate the rigging. What the forking shirt balls?! (I have been re-watching The Good Place).

Luckily some items that have been rigged for Legacy Meshbody do seem to work with this Athletic version. The Babylon Crop by Noche is out right now at Equal 10 and fits perfectly. It’s one of those items that includes a hud to add your own graphics, so I popped in a somewhat narcissistic letter B. Then I put on the Noche Robinson pants and socks and the Modulus Lewis Hat & Hair for a complete baseball inspired look. With the Legacy body you would be able to wear the pants without the socks. The knees on the Athletic body are too chunky for these pants, so you need the socks to hide your legs completely.

I don’t think the difference between Legacy Meshbody and Athletic Meshbody is very noticeable. I can see that the abs on the Athletic version are more defined and maybe some other subtle changes have been made to the mesh to allow for a more buff appearance, but in the end the shape you use with it will have a big impact too. If you’re only going to get one mesh body, I would advise against getting the Athletic one, because you’ll miss out on a lot of nice underwear and swimwear options you get with the Legacy version, like the Noah jockstrap you can see on the two other avatars. I rummaged around in my underwear draw, tested some items and found that you can get away with Noche’s Tom Thong on the Athletic body, so I guess the situation isn’t totally hopeless. Other than that, I’m not experiencing any issues with the actual body and of course I think it looks great naked. Duh!


  • Noche: Babylon Crop (at Equal 10 until February 5th), Robinson pants & socks, Noah Jockstrap, Athletic Socks (this is the name of the socs, they don’t actually work with Athletic Meshbody), Tom Thong. All rigged for Belleza Jake and Legacy Meshbody.
  • Mesh bodies: Athletic Meshbody (wearing the crop top), Legacy Meshbody (lying down), Belleza Jake (standing on the left)
  • Mesh heads: Lelutka Luka (the black avatar) and Lelutka Andrea (the redhead)
  • Skins: Birth Ozias for Lelutka (black avatar) + their body skin for Legacy Meshbody (works on Athletic Meshbody), Stray Dog Breno for Lelutka (redhead) + their body skin for Belleza and finally the Clef De Peau body skin for Legacy on the one lying down (not much use mentioning the head)
  • Hair: Modulus Lewis Hat & Hair, Stealthic Hysteria (redhead) and Sintiklia hair Stephan (lying avatar)
  • Shape: Kedar shape for Lelutka Luka 2.5 and Athletic Meshbody

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  1. Have they changed their business model? I never thought the body itself (or the clothing available) was so special that it warranted rewarding an unfriendly business model.

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    1. Some things have changed. You no longer need to buy credits before you can buy their products, you can just directly pay for the bodies with the L$ in your wallet. Legacy Meshbody is quite well supported by designers now, possibly more than the original TMP body ever was. I’m not sure how good the customer support is theses days. I remember asking a question about the old TMP body not long ago and the definitely never got back to me with an answer, but the issue did resolve itself. I haven’t run into any problems with the Legacy body so far and it does give a very good neck seam result with Lelutka mesh heads and I definitely like the look of it. At 5000 L$ they’re still the most expensive, but they did do a Christmas sale with 50% discount and the Classic Meshbody is free. It’s not all bad, not is it all good.


  2. TMP — it’s the same people, right? I made a solemn view years ago that they would never get another single red Linden out of my pocket, so I don’t care WHAT they call themselves, I intend to keep that vow. A leopard doesn’t change its spots.

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