It’s Da bom

Bakes On Mesh (BOM) has been around for a year and a half now, but some people still don’t really have much use for it. For a perpetual shape shifter such as myself, it has made creating a new look a bit easier. Before, when I wanted to try a new skin without losing an existing look, I had to copy my mesh body and/or head before I started applying the skin. Now I can simply wear a bom-enabled head and body and “add” the skin to my outfit and it will magically be baked on my mesh. It also makes it easier to create looks with extras such as freckles, body hair and tattoos. It’s important to remember that you should not wear an alpha layer that hides your system body, or your mesh parts will be red or invisible. At this stage, so many people have blogged about BOM, that I really don’t find it useful to go into full-on tutorial mode. You can learn all you need to know about it on the Second Life Community website. I’m only bringing it up because Birth re-added some skins to the list of products for their bloggers and I happened to grab one which now includes BOM layers.

And where does one go to show off some skin in Second Life™ whilst freezing off one’s cochones in Real Life (it doesn’t even deserve a trademark!)? Why the beach of course, deuh! And naturally one surrounds oneself with fit as f*ck men in tiny swim briefs which obviously display the fact that mother nature has been rather enthusiastic with her endowments. *honk honk!*


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