Clearing Out The Wardrobe – Episode 9

It was time once more to take a look at some ghosts of Second Life™ past, beat the moths out of old outfits and see how I could improve them by swapping out the dated items with more recent creations. Basically, it’s the whole “swapping her out for a younger model” thing, one so often sees with men in a midlife crises who then later in life go on to become president. Of course, alternatively you can also marry your considerably older high school teacher, but enough about politics. Let’s get on with the swap.

For the old outfit we’re going back to pre-bento heads, when I was using the TMP Deluxe mesh head which couldn’t be modified mutch. The body was of course the TMP Deluxe mesh body and both the jacked and sweatpants were by Etham. I think you can still get those items from Etham and wear them with the free edition of the Classic Meshbody. The sneakers were from the “Stranger Things” gacha at Semler.

For the updated outfit we head over to the Equal 10 event where Noche released their new Bomber Jacket. It will be there till March 5th and you’ll find the jacket at the Noche main store afterwards. That’s also where I got the Miguel Leather Joggers, which give the outfit just a bit more of an edge than any regular pair of sweatpants. Even if you have to count your lindens and can’t splash out on a fatpack, the single colour version of the bomber jacket still gives you 39 textures for the optional shirt that comes with it. I adore the kitty print. Look at it’s little face! For the shoes I have been lazy and just put on the Chase sneakers by Deadwool. I realise I use those a lot, but what can I say? They’re good, I got the fatpack and I’m getting my money’s worth out of them.

On the (retired) TMP Deluxe mesh head I usually went with one of TMP’s own skins, because there weren’t all that many other options anyway. When you purchased those skins back in the day, you got an applier for the head but it also came with a “system skin” or what we now might call a BOM skin. Sadly, when I try to apply this old skin to any mesh head, it doesn’t match up nicely. I don’t think Linden Labs intended us to return to our old skins anyway, when they developed Bakes On Mesh. So instead I went with a skin by Stray Dog I’ve been using a couple of times before, but it looks so different with red hair! I’ve used the skin without eyebrows and applied the HD brows that come with the head. The hair base, freckles and beard all are options that come with the Lelutka head too. I think they might be my current favourite mesh head creators. At L$3.990 there also a bit more affordable then some of the other brands, so I feel I’m getting top notch quality at a discount.

Well that was another successful wardrobe update. I’ll just leave you with the usual list of credits now.


  • Noche Bomber Jacket and Miguel Leather Joggers
  • Deadwool Chase Sneakers
  • Lelutka Alain mesh head
  • Legacy Meshbody
  • Stray Dog Hikaru skin for Lelutka mesh head + their body skin for Legacy (using BOM)
  • Lelutka Alain & Belleza Jake Shape Grant. Even though this shape was made for the Belleza body, I often use this with the Legacy body without making alterations.
  • Stealthic Reach hair
  • Avi-Glam Solstice eyes, applied to the rigged mesh eyes that come with the head. You need to wear an alpha to hide your system eyes.
  • Brows, beard, hair base and freckles all come as options with the Lelutka head

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