A Long John Moment

I may have mentioned it once or twice, but damn, it’s really been winter in Stockholm for these past three weeks or so. Finally I’ve had good reason to put on my long johns again. I even bought a new pair recently and they are really form fitting. It almost felt like I was putting on a pair of tights, which reminded me of a bit by comedian Michael McIntyre.

I wouldn’t say long johns are a fetish of mine, but I do enjoy how even the less tight ones gently cling to my legs and make me feel protected, supported even. I only need them for going outdoors, but I find myself wearing them instead of pyjama bottoms in the evening. Basically I like having an excuse for wearing them.

Of course we have some options in the long john department in Second Life™ too, though they may not always be called that. Take the ‘Mev Meggings’ by Noche for example. I guess meggings is a cooler more modern name for this item of clothing and it seems to suggest you can wear them outdoors, but they definitely remind me of those tight long johns I recently bought in real life. I can’t begin to imagine wearing those as leggings outdoors. They “read” a bit too much as a food order: “I’ll be having the tightly wrapped buns with the meat and two veg.” Thirst is keeping it simple and named their long johns, well, eehm… long johns. Go figure!

History wouldn’t be history if the origins of the name for this long underwear weren’t somewhat blurry. It might date back to a late-19-century heavyweight boxer who went by the name of John L. Sullivan. That’s the story according to John Smedley’s, a company with a 225-year heritage who claim to have created the garment. They still produce long johns today but I’m not quite sure if that means we should take their word for it or if it should make us even more suspicious. Anyhoo, whatever they’re called and why, they’ve been very welcome in my life this winter.


  • Mev Meggings by Noche (the blue one and the pink one)
  • Long Johns by Thirst (red)
  • Dufaux Long John (camouflage), don’t worry, you can pull them up.
  • Noche Charlie Hoodie
  • Apple Fall Period Fireplace
  • Floorplan pile of books
  • JIAN Kitten Pillow
  • Paparazzi – Old School Locker Room – BACKDROP – pink (altered)
  • The Marlon Punch Bag (Brown) by L’Meshe
  • Belleza Jake mesh body for both avatars

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