Virtual Beach Therapy 2

If you don’t know what to do, or perhaps more importantly, don’t know where to go in Second Life™, you can click the destinations button in your toolbar for some inspiration. I rather like the Editor’s pick section because it constantly changes and it has guided me to some quite exciting destinations. Alternatively you can check out the more extensive Destination Guide on the SL website.This is how I discovered the soothingly pretty Tulum Reserve sim.

This sim has everything… Oh that particular phrase makes me want to launch into a SNL Stefon bit. “This place has everything: ziplines, fish food, that fat Hawaiian guy that nobody invited, an old Pakistani woman that looks like a California raisin…” But seriously though, there is a lot to look at here. Lush jungles, pristine beaches and mysterious mangrove marshes await you in the beautifully landscaped Tulum Reserve. It is a residential sim, so some areas (private residences) are of-limits but you can grab yourself a piña colada and sunbathe by the pool at Ethan’s Casa Del Mar Beach Club anytime you like.

There’s no mentioning in the covenant that this is an LGBT friendly sim, so I just take that for granted. Nobody intervened when some serious heavy petting was going on for this shot, so I guess it was O.K. It helps that this is an adult sim, I suppose. There are several gorgeous spots with accommodating furniture for you and whomever you bring along.

To be honest, all this is just a bit of an excuse to show off my new beach ready outfit. The Noche Stringer Tank has a nice build-in function that lets you lift it and even take it off completely. The new Noche David Trunks pair up beautifully with the tank and I’m completing the pink theme with a pair of Semller Canvas Hi Tops.


  • Black avatar
    • Legacy Meshbody
    • Lelutka Luka mesh head
    • Billy Beaverhausen Kedar shape for Athletic Meshbody & Lelutka Luka mesh head, used with the Legacy Meshbody in this case
    • Birth Ozias skin for Lelutka mesh heads and body skin for Legacy Meshbody, both used as BOM
    • Stray Dog Renato hair base
    • Avi-Glam Solstice eyes (includes an applier for Lelutka wich works on the mesh eyes that come with this head, no Omega relay needed)
    • Noche: Stringer Tank (at Fameshed until March 27th), David Trunks (at Equal10 until April 5th)
  • Guy getting his butt fondled

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