Latex & Leather Fetish 7 (Easter Edition)

Naturally, if you are a “devout” catholic, Easter is a very meaningful time for you. For the rest of us it’s just an excuse to eat way more chocolate than we should and have a couple of days off from work, if you’re lucky enough to live in a country where you get one or two bank holidays for this. I definitely belong in that second group. With Belgium being my birth country, I’m practically obliged to eat chocolate on a professional level, although Belgian chocolate is far less easy to find in Stockholm than for example the Swiss brand Lindt. Oh well, when in Rome…

This isn’t exactly the kind of outfit I’d advice for a family friendly activity, such as an egg hunt, but it definitely is suitable for an adult easter themed party. Noche has given their Evan Harness the latex treatment, so now there’s a version that goes perfectly with their Ayo Jockstrap. One of the nice things about that jockstrap is that with the fatpack you can choose a different colour for the crotch and straps which adds another dimension to the colour coordinating fun. I’ve picked up the pink of the jockstrap with the latex gloves and in some of the details of my boots. The Cox Kinky Bunny leather mask definitely finishes this outfit, but it’s a shame I can’t find it in Marketplace or the Cox store. I’m going to assume I got this from a hunt somewhere once upon a time, or I have been sleepwalk purchasing again. Altogether I’d say I look naughty and nice like sugar and spice and I’m on my way to becoming a type two diabetic.


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