Akeruka Advanced M03 mesh head

When Akeruka announced that they were having a flash sales for their newest M03 mesh head I pounced on that like a cat on eeehm… whatever cats really like to pounce on. Mice? Unsuspecting birds? Your bare feet as you walk past just as unsuspecting as that poor (now dead) bird? Of course as you are reading this now, it’s no use rushing off to Akeruka trying to catch this flash sale, because it has flashed by already. You’ve missed it. But lets focus on how nice it looks and also on how, at its full price of L$3900 it definitely isn’t the most expensive mesh head on the grid.

I experimented with a square-jawed look this time and I beefed up the shape a bit more than usual, going for that all American jock type. When you open up the box with this head (oh, that sounds creepy), you’ll notice it contains two versions. One uses the standard SL UV map and the other one uses the same UV map as Lelutka Evolution mesh heads, which means there’s a good chance that any skin for such a Lelutka mesh head, will work nicely with the Akeruka Advanced mesh head. I’m using a skin by Stray Dog made for Lelutka and as you can see, everything appears to be were it should be, without any awkward shadows anywhere. I can even use the skin with its own eyebrows. It’s rather interesting how on some heads the particular skin I’ve used looks quite Asian (intentionally so) and on other heads this is totally lost. That’s Second Life™ for you though, any combination of mesh parts, skins and shapes has the potential to give you a completely different outcome. I freakin’ love it!


  • Akeruka Advanced M03 Mesh head
  • Legacy Meshbody
  • Stray Dog Hikaru skin for Lelutka Evolution mesh heads + their body skin for Legacy
  • Matt shape
  • Wings TZ0525 hair
  • Birth Glimmer mesh eyes and Speckled eye texture
  • Noche Brendon leather tank and Kaleb chinos. The tank can be worn pulled up a little, as shown in the image above, or more decently dressed pulled down.
  • Versov Nardov sneakers (Legacy size not included, but the Signature size works a treat)
  • Marked Infinite necklace
  • Real Evil Industries Berserker bracelet
  • Noir Lovers bracelets

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