Akeruka Advanced M03 mesh head – Look No. 2

After publishing the previous post I pretty much jumped straight into the deep end for a second look with the Akeruka Advanced M03 mesh head. You know the saying, “once you go black you don’t go back?” That doesn’t quite hold true for me, but I do enjoy putting together a black avatar and I hope people have found this ethnic diversity helpful.

The Birth Ozias skin was made for darker skin tones and I love the freckles/birthmarks that are part of it. This handsome devil fits beautifully on the Akeruka Advanced M03 mesh head and I really played with the shape quite a bit to make it different from the previous look. I went for a pointier chin, a rounder face, wider nose and fuller lips and I’m happy with how this turned out. I’ve shopped around for new dreads and settled for something from Camo, cause they specialise in dreads and do a pretty good job.

Besides heads and looks, another thing I like to experiment with, is combining jeans or any other kind of trousers with underwear. Being able to combine anything from two different makers in SL is a small triumph, but succeeding to do this in the underwear department is a frekking godsend. What really helps is that Noche includes a size 0 bulge with many of their underwear items. In this case it means that the Noche Noah jockstrap fits nicely under the Legal Insanity Wrynn denims, leaving a teasing little gap to accentuate your butt cleavage. It’s very much a love it or hate it thing, though whenever people say that, I can’t help but think that there probably are an awful lot of people who don’t really care either way. Surely some people just kinda like marmite? But I digress, so let’s get back to our garments. At the front the jockstrap just lightly pokes through the waistband of the jeans, but the belt covers up that issue. These days with clothing items that have a reasonably well behaved built-in auto-hide function, which works with your body’s hud to hide any bits of your mesh body that might poke through the clothing item, you’ll find it quite easy to change from jeans and jockstrap to just jockstrap. Your leggs will quickly reappear as you strip off the jeans. Simply save it as two different outfits and gracefully get undressed, as you follow it up with a third (naked) “outfit”. For the jockstrap only outfit, you probably will want to switch over to something with a larger bulge, or not. It’s none of my business what you’re working with down there.


  • Akeruka Advanced M03 Mesh head
  • Legacy Meshbody
  • Birth Ozias skin for Lelutka mesh head + their body skin for Legacy
  • Jay Shape
  • Camo Wes dreads
  • Birth Glimmer mesh eyes and Speckled eye texture
  • Noche Armani crop tank and Noah jockstrap. The crop tank includes a version that’s worn more straightforward, without the so called nip slip
  • Legal Insanity Wrynn denims (includes the chain)
  • Deadwool Chase sneakers (I like the pink that was added when they updated these sneakers)
  • Marked Hunter pendant
  • Midna Zara watch (includes the beaded bracelet, group gift)
  • Noche chain bracelet (group gift)

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