Akeruka advanced M03 Mesh head – Look no. 3

At last, spring has truly arrived in Stockholm, or at least for a couple of days. I dare say I’m even experiencing a slight temperature shock. One evening I was still putting on my wintercoat for a last-minute grocery run because it was only 7° and raining and before I knew it, I was having lunch by the lake in a balmy 22°, not even using the word “balmy” ironically (well maybe just a bit). That’s all in Celsius of course, as we can’t be bothered with Fahrenheit over here and I personally certainly can’t be bothered with the conversion. Anyhooo, I thought I’d better take another look at the Akeruka Advanced M03 mesh head, before my face melts off. *chuckles* See what I did there? Mesh head… face melting off… get it? No? Nobody? Ouch! Tough crowd!

I broke out the more mature looking Damon skin by Birth for this look and I do believe we’ve got another winner. As mentioned before, the current range of Akeruka Advanced mesh heads now all come with two versions in the box. With the version that has “LEL UV” in its name, you’ll be able to use many of the skins that have been made for Lelutka Evolution mesh heads, as they share the same UV map. This is what I have done for this particular look and as you can see there are no awkward shadows around the nose or eyes. Obviously we are talking about BOM skin here. It’s no use trying to faff about with appliers. Forget about them for goodness sake! Just pop on your head, do NOT wear an alpha layer and the skin will “magically” appear on your head. The only alpha layer I’m wearing here, is the one that hides system eyes, because I wanted to use an Omega applier on the rigged eyes that come with the head. That’s the kind of applier you don’t need to forget about, but you will need the Omega relay for Akeruka, cause otherwise your pretty eyes will never appear. That’s pretty much all I needed to say about this.


  • Akeruka Advanced M03 Mesh head
  • Legacy Meshbody
  • Birth Damon skin for Lelutka mesh head + their body skin for Legacy
  • Joel Shape
  • Stealthic Like Lust hair (not wearing the separate side, I never do)
  • Avi-Glam Solstice Eyes applied to rigged eyes that come with head (remember to get the Omega relay from Akeruka if you want to use an applier for the eyes)
  • Noche Stringer Tank (can also be worn pulled down, not revealing your midriff)

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