Putting the “short” in shorts – Episode 1

It’s not often I see a guy in obscenely short shots in real life, but they tend to cause an hormonal rollercoaster of guilt, shame and lust. One knows one must not stare, but one’s gaze is attracted to that which bulges and one can not help it! What is this, a Charles Dickens novel? Great Expectations indeed! Sometimes I don’t know what I admire most. Someone with a gorgeous physique who can really carry off such a pair of shorts or someone positively Rubenesque who doesn’t seem to have any qualms about letting it all hang out. Anyhooo, I’m here to look at a couple of short shorts. Lust over them if you must.

First are the Noche Jordy shorts, currently launched at EQUAL10 (event runs till June 5th). You can wear them with or without the belt and with a click you can open them up to show off your underwear, which is built-in. The single colour versions also comes with texture options for the underpants, belt and metal rivets. These shorts are rigged for Belleza Jake and Legacy Meshbody. The “Brendon” tank (pink) and “Stringer” tank (yellow) are both by Noche as well.

As the days get hotter, it’s not totally unexpected to see a guy running past me in a pair of sporty shorts that are dangerously short. I’ve definitely seen some of those bouncing around in the leafy outskirts of Stockholm. For that kind of thing in Second Life™ I’m staying with Noche , with the Kaiden shorts. Again this is an item with some built-in action. Click once and the shorts go down to your knees, click on your crotch again (you’re body’s crotch, not the shorts!) and they disappear. Click once more and they’re back where they should be. I found that you can just about get away with wearing the size 2 James thong by Noche underneath these shorts, but size 1 works even better, depending on where you stand on the need for an eyewatering bulge. The Stringer tank top can also be removed by clicking it, so basically you can strip down to your thong at the beach without even having to change your SL outfit. Oh we have come along nicely!

Check out my blog post about the Akeruka Advanced M03 mesh head to get the credits for the (bottle) blond avatar. The derelict room in the first shot is a group gift at Minimal and the building you can see through the window is also by Minimal. The second shot by the water with the dolphins was taken at Serendipitous Sands.

I’ll be back soon with a second episode of Putting The “Short” In Shorts.

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