Putting the “short” in shorts – Episode 2

The shenanigans with shorts that make you say “now that’s short” continue is this second episode of my mini series on shorty McShortems. I won’t make it too long.

Thirst has this rather fun Vintage Spring Outfit. If you choose the same texture for the shirt and shorts it almost looks like a romper, but when you choose a different texture for both items, it clearly becomes a separate shirt and pair shorts and those sure are short! Any shorter and you’ll have a testicle on display. Just the one! We’re keeping it tasteful here. This may be last years spring line for Thirst, but it’s still hot today and they’ve recently release an add-on pack for this outfit with a bunch of new textures, to turn up the heat some more. The espadrilles Deadwool launched not so long ago go nicely with this outfit, but as I splashed out on the fatpack, I think they’ll be going nicely with plenty of future outfits.

We’re staying with Thirst for a couple of see-through shorts. The See Me Shorts are made of a plastic see through material, showing a pair of briefs underneath. The Antonio Mesh Shorts are, as the name suggests, made out of mesh material. I mean the fabric, not mesh as in a mesh item created with 3D software to be used in virtual environments… Well it is that too. This is confusing. Anyhoo, you can see a jockstrap through the fabric. In both cases you can’t wear the underwear separately, it’s all just part of one item. The Thirst Crop Top seemed like a suitable top to go with these shorts.


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