Virtual beach therapy 3

Picture it… The splashing sounds of the waves breaking upon the beach, the occasional not-too-intrusive cries of seagulls, a pool float gently rocking on the waves in a small area of the ocean that’s been cordoned off by a low wall, to stop you from bobbing off in your sleep and waking up in the middle off the ocean, miles away from shore, sharks hungrily circling you. The only sharks you’ll find here are of the human variety, and though they may be after your meat, chances are you won’t mind that so much.

Whiterock Military Men’s Beach has plenty of spots to park your avatar and emerge yourself into this virtual beach experience. It’s an adult (gay) men only sim with a very low tolerance for anything “fantasy” related, so I wouldn’t show up here in full fairy gear. As the name of the sim suggests, there are some military touches, but it’s not like you’ll feel like you’re in the army now when you land here. Expect a lot of men with oversized muscle wearing little or nothing just standing around, probably chatting with each other in private conversations.

There are plenty of opportunities for cuddles, heavy petting and full-on bow-chicka-wow-wow action here. The place has everything: a military tent, a grungy room with an old couch that definitely has seen some action, a romantic beach hut, outdoor showers, secluded spots and a secret basement if you know how to find it. If you’re looking for a good time, look no further. They’ve gone all out for you and this place is the answer to the question “whoat?”… Oh dear, I went on a Stefon riff again. It’s probably best to move on to the credits


  • Noche Plastic Crop and Clint Swim Briefs. The Plastic crop is a 60L$ Weekend item, but that deal ends at the stroke of midnight on Sunday May 30th
  • Catwa Victor mesh head
  • Belleza Jake mesh body
  • Stray Dog Erwin skin for Catwa + their body skin for Belleza Jake
  • Billy Shape
  • Modulus Adrian hair
  • L’etrê basic mesh ears
  • N4RS Pool Float

You can find the details for the other avatar in a previous blog post.

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  1. Saw you at Whiterock and thought you were a smoking hot couple. Didn’t realise you were taking these pics. You summed up Whiterock beautifully!


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