Virtual beach therapy 4

Sunvana calls itself a blend of sun and nirvana, probably because they were just looking for a cool name. Sarcasme aside, I do like this sim. Obviously it has a beach, or it wouldn’t have made it to this blog series, but it also has some other cool areas to hang around with friends.

In my opinion this sim beautifully balances a stylish hint of moodiness with the more usual tropical feeling you get from a sun soaked paradise. For the artistically inclined among you, there are the Art Pods. I’m not sure if the interior of these small buildings regularly changes and they don’t all have an art installation vibe, but I assume that is their purpose. You can find some shade under the modern gazebos at The Hideout, get an iced late at Daisey Coffee & Tea House and if swimming in the ocean isn’t your thing because there are creature in there that give you the heebie-jeebies, but still want to get wet, there’s always the pool.

The Poolhouse @ Sunvana

Sunvana was also the perfect place to break out the new Alan Thong by Noche. I love the idea of a thong that is tight together on the sides and love even more that with the fatpack you can apply different textures to the crotch and trim. I’m so addicted to colour coordinating!


  • Noche Alan Thong at Fameshed until June 27th and at the Noche main store after that
  • Legacy Meshbody for both avatars
  • Avi 1: hat is an old gift, so you’ll have to go look for your own wide brimmed hat if you like the look of this ● Josa glasses by Mulloy (Marketplace only) ● Armani mesh crop tank by Noche ● Sandals are a group gift by Versov (you need to use the unrigged ones with the Legacy body and resize them to fit your feet) ● Lelutka Alain meshead ● Modulus Bailey hair (worn under the hat) and Argrace Enju hair (worn in the pool because it has a wet look, no longer available but Argrace has a similar one named Natsume) ● Grant shape (originally made for Belleza Jake, used here with Legacy Meshbody) ● Stray Dog Hikaru skin for Lelutka Evolution mesh heads.
  • Avi 2 (the one in the white thong): uses the same body, head and shape as Avi 1 but with the Alan skin by Clef The Peau and Stealthic Reach hair.

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