Access aniversary gifts

One of the many popular monthly sales events in Second Life™, named ACCESS, is having an anniversary round this month and there are lots little goodies to grab for free. This round runs until July 8th, so you still have some time to sit it out for a bit until the lag has gone down somewhat, but in my experience, that’s when you forget about these things, so basically: hurry the frack up and get your derrière over there now!

Don’t go hoping for huge gifts like a mesh body, mesh head or skin, but do expect some bits and bops that will help you to put together a look. Above you see the Akuma tattoo by Dappa, Chuck’s Tristan shorts, the Bohemian headphones by Bondi, the Allan Money Bag by Noir, a Matcha to go by Amitie, a wrist watch and bracelets by Moonstone (I forgot to take a close-up) and Fanny Pack Slippers by Tiller. I also used a rosy cheeks tattoo layer by True Damage. That was part of their Jaden set which even includes brows and baggy eyes, but I only went with the bit of blush.

If you have a home in Second Life™, then I’m happy to report there are several gadgets, gismos and thingamabobs that might definitely excite a certain kleptomaniac mermaid, but which will probably look even better in your home than in her cave. Let’s see what we have here. There’s a float by Raindale which comes in pink and yellow and you get a candle holder with it (not shown in image). From Wrong we get a set consisting of a very bright turquoise chair and table with a tray, a bottle of whiskey, a shaker and a couple of glasses. Behind that scene you can see a set of vintage metal boards by Broken Arrow. There’s another lovely set by Kraftwork and this one has a stylish delicate lounge chair, a side table, a little frame to pop a picture in and lips to use as wall art (makes a nice change off all that ass kissing you’ve been doing at work, right?). Finally there’s some kitchen / coffee corner decor by YD (which stands for Your Dreams). I say “finally”, but in truth there are many more gifts, not to mention all the wonderful creations you can purchase at ACCESS. So go on, had of your lazy virtual bum and head over there.

For more information about the avatar look I’m using, you can check a previous blog post about the Signature event.

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