Constant Evolution 2

Here’s a funny thing! Not funny as in “OMG I can’t breath rolling-on-the-floor laughing-out-loud”, but funny as in: “oh, that’s interesting” with a bemused smile. So only a few days ago, or was it a week already, because *exclamative* time is so *exclamative* illusive… Anyhoo, I did a little post on the evolution of items in Second Life™, using some (wrestling) singlets by Noche as an example. Now Noche has added proof to my pudding (cause if the proof is IN the pudding then surely someone must add it first?) by remastering their Hawk Crop Tee.

The textures are updated to match the quality Noche gives us presently and it is a very nice improvement. Of course ever since I saw the first Borat movie (so long ago!) I can hardly use the words “very nice” without adding “how much?” in a funny accent. Well, this crop tee is currently part of the Happy Weekend deals, so it’s available now at 60L for single packs and 449L for a fatpack until July 21st. That’s right, Happy Weekend includes Mondays in Second Life™… If only that could catch on in flipping real life!
Of course if you’ve already purchased this item, you can hit the redelivery terminal at the Noche store to get the update for free. Note that this item used to come in the Gianni size, but as Noche has dropped this body, this size is no longer included. You get the Belleza Jake and Legacy Meshbody sizes now. Well, nuff said about that. Let them boys get on with their cuddle. ‘t Is Pride Month, innit?


  • Noche Hawk Crop Tee and Alan Thong on both avatars
  • Legacy Meshbody
  • Lelutka Alain mesh head
  • Redhead: Exile Nox hair and hairbase. Stray Dog Hikaru skin for Lelutka + their body skin for Legacy. Beard, brows and freckles come with the head. The shape I’m using is Grant, originally made to be used with Belleza, but it works with Legacy too.
  • Brunette: Stealthic Reach hair and hair base, Clef De Peau Allan skin for Lelutka (brows and freckles included) + their body skin for Legacy. Stray Dog Alexei facial hair. Noche pride face paint (group gift). This avi is also using the Grant shape and yet they don’t look like twins… the secret is in the totally different skin.
  • Soy Reclining Lounger
  • Location: Rainbow Reef

Tip: if you’ve ever bought one of my shapes, keep an eye out for the name of this shape (or do a search on it, you’ll find the search function at the bottom of the blog). I recycle my shapes all the time, using them with different skins and hair to create a new look. This means that while you’re already getting a note card with the shape that tells you where you can go buy everything, you’re actually getting a lot more for your money if you follow my blog.

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