Man Cave anniversary gifts

If you thought the gifts at the current anniversary round of Access were good, you’ll be even more pleased with the goodies Man Cave has for you to celebrate their Birthday. Isn’t funny though, in Second Life™ people give YOU gifts for THEIR birthday. Well, I suppose some real life stores do that as well. Unpacking everything and taking a look at each item kept me busy for a good while. Putting together things to create a look was yet another way to mercilessly kill some time.

For my first look the black and yellow striped Bruno trunk by Varsity made me think of the Dalton Brothers in the Lucky Luke comics, so I decided to go for a “fantasy jail ” look with other bits and pieces from the gifts. The collar is by Alantori. It says “bitch”, but several other options are included, such ass bad ass and good boy. There are quite some thing going on with my mesh head. I’m wearing a zebra striped hair base by GA.EG, a scar with the name “you are missing this one” by The White Crow, and “Martin” facial hair by Not Found. All of these are Man Cave gifts of course. Wings donated their ON1111 hair (white, grey and black only) and we got earrings from Andore and PosESioN (wearing just one of each). Finally the look is finished off with arm bands (or an arm harness, as the creator calls it) bij Fujico. This jail uniform doesn’t seem in accordance with regulations at all and our boy clearly has trouble raining in his… enthusiasm.

If you prefer to venture out slightly more dressed, then the Man Cave anniversary gifts have got you covered too. Why not wear a beanie by Kalback in the middle of a little heatwave (actually temperatures just dropped about 10° C from one day to the next here, so maybe not that crazy). If you wear it with the Gym tank top by Millo Copperfield and the Osman shorts by Imagine Moda, you’ll look summery enough. Flip flops by Invictus is the kind of footwear you want with this outfit and the L&B Swear Jett Coin necklace makes the perfect accessory. Not soo much into shorts? Maybe the Street Samurai pants by Gutchi are something for you and you can wear them with the Summer tank by Thirst. With this outfit the sporty Diamond sneakers by Crimen were the best option among the gifts. You never need to feel lonely when you’ve got the Libellune Chameleon by SEmotion and when you’re carrying the covered surf board by Flow, you always look ready to catch some waves, with or without your chameleon buddy clinging to your arm. The only kind of surfing I’m doing in RL involves WIFI and deleting my browser history… Oh I said that out loud!

There are way more gifts at Man Cave, but this is all I’m going to show you for now. You have until July 11th to go snatch then all up. You need to be in the Man Cave group, but there is no joining fee. Note that I’ve been using the Legacy Meshbody for this post. There are items among the gifts that don’t include a size for this body. For more information on the heads, bodies and skins I used in this blog post, check out this previous sunny little post.

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