Virtual Beach Therapy 5

For this episode of Virtual Beach Therapy I didn’t discover a new beach, instead I stuck with the familiar Oost Beach, which is part of the Oost West Estate for gay men. It’s not one of those places where a big old pussy alert goes off as soon as a female avatar lands at the sim. Your female friends are welcome to visit, they just can’t rent a place… Because we don’t want you to rub your heterosexual lifestyle in our faces, deuh! Only kidding! Or am I?

Anyhoo, what’s different this time, is that I got wet wet wet. I found an applicator that works with Legacy Meshbody that makes my skin look wet. It’s the Soaked Shine 3D by This Is Wrong, which goes on the 3rd layer of the body. Once applied, you can easily toggle it on and off with a button in the body’s hud. The wet hair I’m using is by Argrace and it’s called Enju but is no longer available. Instead they now have the Natsume hair, which you can see on my elegantly carried friend. The head I’m using is the Akeruka Advanced M09 mesh head which is currently a group gift until July 15th and after that it will NOT be at the store, so depending on when you’re reading this: hurry or oh well, better luck next time. This head has a wet look option built-in, just like all the other Akeruka Adavanced mesh heads. What’s also helping with this soaked look, is the new Auryn sarong by Noche. Click on the sarong once and it goes from dry to wet, click on it again and it goes off. You can wear the Clint swim briefs and other (Noche) briefs underneath it, as long as you stick with the #2 bulge size. If you’re packing a bigger gun, it’s going to poke through. If you want to go commando and be anatomically correct underneath the sarong, you may have to shift your package backwards quite a bit, cause the thing is going to poke through the sarong willy-nilly and that’s just not a good look.


  • Akeruka Advanced M09 mesh head (group gift until July 15th, after that it is gone with the wind)
  • Legacy Meshbody
  • Birth Damon skin for Lelutka mesh heads (works well on Akeruka Advanced mesh heads because Akeruka have permission to use the Lelutka UV map) + matching body skin for Legacy, everything worn as BOM (obviously, as a Lelutka applier wouldn’t work on the Akeruka head)
  • Argrace Enju hair, nowadays replaced by Natsume II
  • Vango Billy hair with hat
  • This Is Wrong Soaked Shine 3D. You can toggle it on off with a button in the hud for the Legacy body.
  • Billy Beaverhausen Kafe shape. It looks very different on the images in Marketplace, because it’s a different skin. I often reuse my shapes with different skins, that way if you buy one shape and keep an eye on my blog, you’ll see some more options for your look
  • Avi-Glam Solstice eyes, applied to the rigged eyes that come with the Akeruka mesh head. You’ll need the Omega relay for that, available at Akeruka.
  • Noche mesh nipples
  • Noche Auryn sarong, currently at the monthly Equal10 event until August 5th. Check at the Noche store after that.
  • Noche Clint swim briefs
  • Noche Armani mesh croptank
  • Noir Chuck bracelets
  • Versov Sandov flip-flops / slippers (group gift), unrigged version, re-sized to fit Legacy Meshbody
  • Couples pose by Poseology (slightly adjusted)
  • Single pose by Wrong

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