Virtual Beach Therapy 6

Today’s therapy session takes us to Krak Bak Caye at The Sim Quarterly. You haven’t got much time left to emerge yourself in the sights and sounds of this tropical installation by creator Elizabeth Jewell, inspired by the beautiful island of Belize. On July the 25th it will be going *poof*, as that is the nature of all installations at The Sim Quarterly. This sim offers plenty of typical experiences one would expect on a tropical island, such as boating, windsurfing, paddle-boarding, sunbathing, snoozing and snorkeling. The landing spot puts you at a place where you can take a short flight to either the Resort or the Main Street, but once you’re at either of those places it’s easy enough to wade through the shallow water to get to the other side.

I really enjoyed the explosion of colour at Main Street. Sure, it’s a bit of tourist trap and those typically don’t truly reflect what a place is really about, but I’m able to see it’s charm. It’s the hustle and bustle of people trying to make a living, flogging their nick-nacks, thingamabobs and delicious seafood. Of course this is Second Life, and one should be grateful that Main Street here isn’t actually too busy and lag free.

Another charming touch are the couple of cabins at the Resort where you can just relax and enjoy the cool breeze, enjoy the view or maybe have snooze on the bed. People too often say something crass like “I sleep when I’m dead”. Personally I rather enjoy drifting off to the land of fluffy pink clouds and dreams. I can only imagine what those dreams would be like in such a tropical setting. Make sure you’ve got sounds switched on when you visit Krak Bak Caye, as you don’t want to miss out on the relaxing sound of waves crashing on the beach, birds and even the occasional low hum of a plane flying over.


  • Akeruka Advanced M05 mesh head
  • Legacy Meshbody
  • Stray Dog Hikaru skin for Lelutka + their body skin for Legacy
  • Stray Dog Alexei add-on beard for Lelutka
  • Exile Knox hair and hairbase
  • Avi-Glam Solstice eyes, applied to the rigged eyes that come with the head (you’ll need the omega relay available from the Akeruka store)
  • Billy Beaverhausen Liu shape
  • Noche Stringer tank
  • Noche Auryn sarong, currently at the monthly Equal10 event until August 5th. Check at the Noche store after that.
  • Equal Caleb sandals

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