Catwa HDPRO George Mesh Head

I finally coughed up the L$5900 for Catwa’s first and so far only male “HDPRO” mesh head. The catalyst for this purchase was a new skin by Birth made for this head specifically (I am on Birth’s blogger team) and of course I always like a new mesh head to play with, especially if it has all the latest bells and whistles. It’s interesting to see that Catwa’s price point is not being affected by the, in my opinion, steep competition of Lelutka, where you can pick up one of their new “Evox” mesh heads for just L$3990. But let us not discuss the tacky matter of price and take a closer look at George.

Combined with Legacy Meshbody, this head gives you pretty much the best you can hope for when it comes to an invisible neck seam. I looked at it in default and ultra graphic settings and different windlights, with the face light switched on and off and I had to look extremely close to be able to spot a neck seam. Another improvement I noticed right away are the ears. I rather disliked the ears on older Catwa mesh heads and almost always replaced them with separate mesh ears. The problem with those is that they never really match up perfectly with the skin on the head. There’s no more need for all that faff, because not only have the ears on this new mesh head been sculpted much more carefully, you can also turn them into pixy or elf ears and rotate them. Such fun! That is just one of the many features in the new hud for this mesh head. Speaking of the hud, it can be overwhelming but Catwa has created an extensive introduction video which talks you through it, albeit in a creepy robot voice. The head shown in the video is female, but the male mesh head has the same options as far as I can see. I’ll admit that I didn’t watch the whole video myself. I like to just push buttons and see what happens. Another thing I found interesting is that the mesh eyes are now built-in. I won’t pretend that I fully understood how I got there, but I was able to apply the Avi-Glam solstice eyes and make that interact with the built-in materials of the eyes, making them look more lively. I’ll figure it out more properly sooner or later, because all of this radom button-pushing is going to result in a mushroom cloud explosion (in my mind) one if these days.

Of course I put together a complete dressed look with this head, partly as an excuse to showcase the Will outfit again Noche released some months ago. I especially love the buckle in the back of the trousers and the leather suspenders. I know that Noche’s creator got his inspiration for this outfit from a Taylor Swift video and I haven’t been able to find the SL-equivalent of the exact kind of boots the man in this video is wearing with the outfit (without clashing with the trouser cuffs), but I rather like how the Ascend Harry Long Boots look with it.


  • Catwa HDPRO mesh head
  • Birth Roman skin for the Catwa HDPRO mesh head(s) + their skin for the Legacy mesh body (includes smooth and several hairy versions)
  • Legacy Meshbody
  • Avi-Glam Solstice eyes. Includes a Catwa applier that can be used with the built-in mesh eyes of the head. You need to play a little with the eye settings in the hud to create interaction between the Avi-Glam texture and the materials layers of the eyes and you also need to wear an alpha layer to hide system eyes.
  • Mister Razzor Felipe Facial Hair
  • Stealthic Hysteria hair and hairbase (purchased separately)
  • Billy Beaverhausen Ralf shape for Catwa George & Legacy Meshbody
  • Noche Will outfit (shirt, suspenders and trousers)
  • Ascend Harry Long Boots

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