Men Only Hunt 2021 – Episode 2

While in real life my laundry is going round and round in the washers downstairs in the well equipped laundry room, I felt inspired to put on a lazy Sunday morning outfit in Second Life™ in total contrast with reality. Mind you, in Sweden there’s this tendency to call Wednesdays “lillördag”, which means little Saturday. Yeah. Whatever. I worked all day, quite long too and now I’m doing laundry. So, no Sweden. NO! But in SL on the other hand, I can have a lazy Sunday morning in the middle of the week. Woohoo. And I can do it with some of the items I got from this year’s Men Only Hunt, which runs till the end of August.

Clearly I have slept in the skimpy Cubura Man Hunt undies and put on the Ascend Reed cardigan for a bit of comfort and warmth without being much bothered to actually get dressed, but of course the Volthair Gary hair is on fleek no matter what. My little breakfast was provided for my Mintae Midwest and the glasses by A&D are just for show… That reminds me of being in car with a friend many years ago. She was driving and after about 15 minutes, she says… I really should be wearing my glasses for this. She wasn’t so much bad ass, as more somewhat forgetful. What is bad ass on the other hand, is that “Heavenly Path” tattoo by Addicted to Ink.

General credits (not related to Men Only Hunt)

  • Legacy Meshbody
  • Catwa HDPRO George mesh head
  • Birth Roman skin for Catwa HDPRO and their body skin for Legacy (comes with smooth and several body hair options
  • Ralf shape

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