Men only Hunt 2021 – Episode 3

Another day, another look “sponsored” by this year’s Men Only Hunt. There used to be more than one of these a year, but I’d rather have fewer hunts with better quality items than an endless stream of junk I have to trash as soon as I’ve unpacked it, before it contaminates my inventory. Something I haven’t mentioned before is that this hunt comes with a hud that takes you from store to store. You can get it at the Men Only sim, which also hosts the Men Only Monthly event. You need to be in the group to be able to grab the hud. You don’t need to be in the group to be able to grab the hunt items though, so if you see that bird somewhere when you’re out and about, just grab it and put in in your pocket. Of course, that will inevitably mean that at some point someone will ask you if that is a bird in your pocket or if you are just happy to see them. Why can’t it be both?

Today I’m wearing the tucked Damon tank by Fake society, rolled hem jeans by Gabriel, Austin hair by The Mars and the Quon tattoo by Mister Razzor.

General credits (not related to Men Only Hunt)

  • Legacy Meshbody
  • Catwa HDPRO George mesh head
  • Birth Roman skin for Catwa HDPRO and their body skin for Legacy (comes with smooth and several body hair options
  • Avi-Glam Solstice eyes
  • Ralf shape
  • Versov Nardov sneakers (group gift and there’s no joining fee at the moment), no Legacy size included, but the Belleza size seems to work

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