Locker room shenanigans

Linden Labs doesn’t strongly market the sexual aspect of Second Life™ and while it’s perfectly possible to make your SL experience and altogether wholesome one, it’s safe to say that with the vast range of provocative fashion on offer, monthly events focused on kinky stuff and anatomically correct avatars (after you’ve got yourself some bells and whistles that is), you can turn this virtual world into your very own den of iniquity. Or to put it in les condemning terms: nowt wrong wif a bit of slap and tickle, innnit?

In real life I wouldn’t throw caution to the wind and get overly handsy with some guy in the locker room at the gym. In Second Life™ that wind is a bloody hurricane and whatever caution I had here to begin with has long been sucked up and whizzed of to Oz. I do urge you to respect the maturity rating and covenant for whatever sim you happed to be at, before you engage in any heavy petting. Losing one’s caution is one thing, but there’s no excuse for a lack of common decency.

I noticed recently that among the destination categories in the SL viewer (or Firestorm) there no longer is an adult section, but I don’t have any strong feelings about that beyond “hmmm, interesting” with a touch of “meh” thrown in for good measure. You still can find an adult section in the destination guide on the Second Life™ website. Interestingly again, while everything else is in alphabetical order in the list of destinations, for the Adult only sims you have to scroll all the way past Z… meh. No matter how far down the list they put these sims, there will always be shenanigans going on in Second Life unless we experience another uprising of the prohibition movement. I can almost hear that in a deep movie trailer voice: The puritans are back, and this time they are going virtual.

There’s an even steamier Locker Room Shenanigans image available for my Patrons. I decided to create a Patreon account recently because I rather like the idea of my Second Life™ creativity paying for itself but I’m not a fan of random ads appearing on my blog (Russian bride anyone?). I’ll try to create at least one extra image to put on Patreon for each blog post I publish. To be honest, I don’t expect anything of this, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get.


  • A sexy latex version of the Jack singlet by Noche. For the shoulder straps you can choose a translucent plastic to replace the opaque latex, which is a really nice touch. This singlet has been rigged for Belleza Jake and Legacy Meshbody and includes a looser version so you can wear a skintight t-shirt underneath.
  • Legacy Meshbody and Lelutka Alain mesh head on both.
  • Redhead is using Hikaru skin for Lelutka by Stray Dog and Exile Knox hair (comes with hair base). He’s also using mesh nipples by Noche.
  • Dark haired guy is using Allan skin by Clef De Peau and Reach hair by Stealthic. His hair base comes with the head.

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