Clearing Out the Wardrobe – Episode 11

Every now and again I scroll down my long list of outfits and look at one of the older ones to see what I can do to update it. This is the concept of my Clearing Out the Wardrobe series.

Today I’m updating an outfit that used the old TMP Deluxe mesh body and head. As a replacement I’m using the Classic Meshbody and Lelutka Guy mesh head as shown in my latest budget friendly blog post. While the shape of the old TMP body of course could already be altered, there wasn’t much you could do with their mesh heads in those pre-bento days. Hasn’t Second Life™ become much more fun now that we can shape and mold mesh heads to our heart’s content?

I rather liked the Huntsman jacket by Cold Ash back in its day. I’m sure someone could make a more sophisticated version of this now, but I haven’t found one and I really wanted to stick with that lumberjack vibe, so I recycled it and simply chose another texture. At L$299 for a pack that includes three colours for the jacket and shirt, it’s not a bad deal. I don’t know how well this jacket would behave with any other body, but it includes a TMP size so it works reasonably well with the Classic Meshbody. If anyone knows of a newer, better executed version of this kind of jacket, please let me know in the comments.

Those trousers were really outdated! The Holloway ripped jeans by Cold Ash are a huge improvement and while the previous sneakers weren’t too bad, the Deadwool Chase sneakers remain a winner in the shoe department as far as I’m concerned, even if they are not the newest thing out there. Last but not least the Stealthic Psycho hair with beanie is a great upgrade from what I was previously using as well. Check out my previous blog post “For a Little Less – Episode 7” for all the details on the head, body and Birth skin, including some tips on where to get freebies. The colourful atmospheric autumnal sim I’ve used for this photoshoot is Nelipot.

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