Halloween with David 2021

All hallows eve will soon(ish) be upon us and the Second Life™ spookiness is in full swing. It was rather inevitable that this month’s blog post with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body was going to be Halloween themed.

I revived last year’s creepy yet kinda cute pumpkin head look for David and sent him on a date with Mr. Bonesie. The Pumpkin Head can be purchased at Birth and is part of the L$60 Happy Weekend this coming… ahum… weekend (cue the dowager countess: “what is a weekend?”).
The “Bonesie” skull is currently a group gift at Birth and the bloody axe is also a gift from Birth at the Shop N Hop Halloween event. Mr. Bonesie is wearing a waistcoat, shirt, gloves and trousers all by Contraption. They haven’t got a huge range of menswear at Contraption, but every piece they have is a well executed classic garment from the… Victorian era? You don’t even need a mesh body or head with this look, just an alpha that covers your system body.
Meanwhile Mr. Pumpkin Head is nicely filling out the L&B Swear Havoc Leather pants; quite nicely indeed (use the Signature size and play with your shape to make them fit). If you want to take a closer look at the items in that outfit, you can go back to last year’s blog post, it’s still fresh. I did switch things up with the tattoo this year and David is wearing Ancient Soul by IDTTY. I had a quick look around at their store and couldn’t find this specific tattoo, but frak me sideways and call it a Tuesday, they have a lot of tattoos! Enough to break out in a sweat. Seriously, don’t go there if you have an issue with making choices. You’ll be a puddle!

A favourite fantasy look of mine is that of a angel who has newly fallen to earth and just grabbed an old coat he found somewhere to wrap around him. The coat is an old gacha item from Gabriel. As you know, all gachas have now been retired, but you can still find second-hand gacha items on Marketplace. Simply search for “wrap around coat” and you may get lucky. I’m just happy that I can wrap the TMP size of this item round David without glitching through it. Only my left leg goes through a bit during walking, but why walk when you can fly. With some downsizing and shifting the family jewels, I could probably make David more or less anatomically correct under that makeshift skirt. I chose to wear the NX-Nardcotix Darrel briefs and Mecatl sandels.

If you don’t particularly want to wear a costume but do like the idea of wearing something in keeping with the Halloween theme, I may have found just the thing on Marketplace. It’s a layered long-sleeved t-shirt named “Til Death“, with a romantic skeleton print. It’s only L$99, includes a bunch of colour options and comes in David’s own size. I’d forgotten that my Troy shape has a slightly redunkulous caboose. In this case it makes the shirt stand out too much in the back for my liking, but it’s an issue you’ll notice with other shirts and bodies too. I guess I’ll have to suck some of the fat out of his buttocks and inject it somewhere else or gift it to one of the Kardashians.
I didn’t have to think long about the trousers I wanted to wear with this shirt. I kept it simple and pulled the NX-Nardcotix Finlay Cargos out of the wardrobe. The beanie is a nice finishing touch for this urban outfit and I think you can still find that one for free at Kalback at the moment (October 2021) as a gift for the L’Homme Magazine group (free to join).

Some more credits

  • Lelutka Guy mesh head
  • Birth Maverick skin for Lelutka + their Omega body skin applier (you will need the Omega relay available from NX-Nardcotix for this)
  • Avi-Glam Solstice eyes applied to mesh eyes that come with the Lelutka head
  • Blueberry Icon Bento Angel Wings

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