Is there a doctor in the house?

Last year Noche released a hospital gown round this time of year. You could wear it clean or blood splattered, which made it suitable as an easy somewhat naughty Halloween costume. This year Noche has released a set of scrubs to compliment that hospital gown and again you can chose between looking fresh or gruesomely bloody. I guess this means you can now go to any Halloween party with your beau in perfectly matched costumes.

These medical outfits made me curious about hospitals in Second Life™ so I did what any researcher with a lack of self-respect would do and googled it. I haven’t been in SL long enough to be able to give you a first person account of what is was like “back in the day”, but from what I can tell there’s been a period in which SL was heading in a more serious direction, with brands, corporations and institutions (including medical ones) showing an interest in having a presence in this virtual reality. These days, I’m not so sure if that is still the case.

The world famous Mayo Clinic has a presence in Second Life and while their island is charming in an outdated kind of way and they have a seemingly functional conference center, it doesn’t really feel like a hospital environment. Also, it looks like the last time they had a conference was in June 2020. This place could do with some better building skills and a more generous budget. The Google search on “Second Life hospital” came up with just comes up with lots of outdated articles on the topic, which leads me to believe that whatever serious projects were started up, they have since been (partly) abandoned. I would welcome being proven wrong, so feel free comment on this blog post with an example of a functional medical educational sim in SL.

So what about less serious medical roleplaying in Second Life? Surely there must be more options for that kind of thing? I think there are, but I wasn’t that deeply invested in this investigation to take a real deep dive into it. Instead, I just went with the first thing I found, which was the Eden Valley Medical Center, who claim to be “specializing in Women and Children and now Plastic Surgery.” That peaked my interest. Plastic surgery in SL, isn’t that just messing about with the sliders or simply putting on another mesh head? Surely I AM a cosmetic surgeon in SL? As for having children in Second Life, if that is anything like a Tamagotchi, the little buggers will be dead on day two if you left them with me. Of course, just because it’s not really my thing it doesn’t mean I can’t half-heartedly check it out. It really helped that Eden Valley Medical Center is proper swanky. This place has a lot of posh waiting areas. Really, there seem to be more waiting areas / lounges than any other type of space at this sim. Thankfully for those that come here with a virtual bun in their equally virtual oven, there also are some pretty professional looking examination rooms. Sadly, I was not able to determine how far along my partner was, but I think it was just a bad case of trapped wind anyway. So to sum it up, from an aesthetics point of view my visit to this sim was an altogether rather pleasant one and it was interesting to see that a non-professional medical sim looked much better than what the good people of the Mayo Clinic have thrown together.

I’ve created an extra image with a smidge more nudity for my patrons. So if you feel like showing your appreciation for this blog you can now become a patron and get some extra content too.


  • Noche Scrubs shirt/pants at Equal10 until November 5th. Check the Noche main store after this round of Equal 10 has ended
  • Lelutka Connor EVO X mesh head, freckles and beard used come with the head
  • Birth Hendrix skin for Lelutka EVO X mesh head (make sure you click the EVO X button in the head’s hud) & Birth’s body skin for Legacy Meshbody
  • Legacy Meshbody
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  • Stealthic Narcotic hair
  • Brent shape

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