Winter slowdown

Every year with the coming of daylight saving time I tend to feel a bit “off” for a week or so. I guess you could call it a mini jetlag. Add to this the shortening of days and the dropping of temperatures and for me this is the start of the big winter slow down. I fight this feeling to some extend, by for example trying to keep my step count up to the classic 10,000 steps a day. On weekends however, when I don’t have to head out to the office, there will be those days I’ll make myself a big pot of tomato soup, keep it warm on a candle-lit hot plate and just work my way to the bottom of the pot one mug at a time. I’ll be sitting on my couch, slurping the soup and dunking bread in it, while watching a random selection of shows on Netflix and never bothering with taking a shower or even getting dressed. How does one answer the question “did you have a nice weekend” after something like that?

But who cares that I don’t have any interesting tales to tell. I don’t live my life to entertain others, well apart from when I’m trying to be witty in this blog or during team meetings of course. I guess that a life time of being somewhat of an oddball has made me mostly immune to fomo. I’ll just hang out in my cozy fuzzy sweater and underpants, living MY best life and caring f*ck all about what I’m going to tell the people at work on Monday. That’s my philosophy.

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  • Noche Morgan sweater and underwear, currently at Fameshed until November 27th and at the Noche main store later. When you get the fatpack you can play with a contrasting trim on the sweater and underwear, the items have been rigged for Belleza Jake and Legacy Meshbody.
  • For the guy lying on the floor:
  • For the guy lying on the sofa:

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