Abandoned towns

There aren’t enough quasi realistic urban experiences in Second Life™, if you ask me. And if you don’t ask me, I’ll tell you anyway. On the one hand it’s of course very liberating that your avatar and everything else in SL can be as far removed from reality as you want it to be, on the other hand I think it would be nice if there were more sims that give people a good virtual experience of certain real life cities. For example, I couldn’t find anything related to Stockholm at all. Feel free to let me know in the comments if you know of such a sim. In my search for Stockholm, I stumbled across Skrunda-3,  the latest Second Life iteration of the abandoned Soviet military town known as Skrunda-1 in Latvia. It made me realise that SL does ghost towns and anything that feels somewhat dystopian rather well. I don’t know if that means many SL residents have a very bleak view of the future, or if they see the photogenic beauty and romance in a ghost town.

For someone like me, who’s particularly good at aimless wandering, Skrunda-3 has a lot to offer. Crumbling industrial buildings to snoop around in, high constructions to climb for a better view of the place and an overal voyeuristic sense of looking into people’s (past) lives. I can’t make up my mind if there would be something slightly obscene about visiting the real life town. On the one hand there’s nothing wrong in taking an interest in fairly recent history, on the other hand it maybe is too recent to already look at the abandoned houses and poor little possessions as a tourist attraction. But apparently the real life version of this ghost town isn’t open to the public and in Second Life we can simply marvel at the effort and patience it will have taken to bring this sim together into one cohesive experience and appreciate the detail and craftsmanship of all the items.


  • The new Markus leather jacket by Noche currently at Equal10 until December 5th and at the Noche main store after that. This jacket has been rigged for Belleza Jake and Legacy Meshbody. Get the fatpack if you want to play with contrasting colours for the collar and trim.
  • Steve denims by Legal Insanity. I splashed out on the fatpack quite a while ago, because I really like matching the stripes on the side to my outfit. These jeans have been rigged for Aesthetic, Signature Geralt & Gianni, Belleza Jake and Legacy Meshbody and they include a version that’s tucked in your boots.
  • The Steve denims work well with the L&B Swear Havoc Ops Boots. These have been rigged for Jake, Geralt, Gianni and Slink.
  • Noche Knit Gloves Essentials, rigged for Jake and Legacy. These have been recently update so you can no hide either the left or right glove, if you wish to wear just one.
  • Lelutka Connor EVO X mesh head, freckles and beard used come with the head
  • Birth Hendrix skin for Lelutka EVO X mesh head (make sure you click the EVO X button in the head’s hud) & Birth’s body skin for Belleza Jake
  • Belleza Jake mesh body (not that you see much of it… which is a rarity on this blog)
  • Avi-Glam Erudite eyes, applied to the mesh eyes that come with the Lelutka head.
  • Modulus Simon Hat & Hair
  • Brent shape
  • Rezz Room European Cat, Adult, Companion

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  1. I think the Gianni body and the Catwa head are a total disaster as the head tone can never quite match the body skin tone and you always have an unsightly visible neck seam


    1. This comment is somewhat random, as neither of those two items are discussed in this blog post. I personally haven’t used the combination of a Catwa head with the Gianni body very often… Actually, I’m not sure I ever have. I will have to investigate for myself what the current situation is with that, using BOM skins. Thanks for giving me a potential idea for a blog post.


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