Partridge in a Pear Trea – Episode 32

Some Christmases ago in a magical land far, far away… eeehm in Second Life™, Noche released Santa’s Helper Collection.

This is a naughty elf outfit consisting of particularly short tunic-type top with the typically elf like pointed collar with bells, a pair of striped stockings and a thong, just like every Santa’s little helper should be wearing. Both the top and thong come with huds that let you lift and shift some fabric, should you feel in the mood to be a particularly naughty elf… Just remember that “he sees you when you’re sleeping.
If you’re looking for a Santa outfit to go with that (dirty) little fantasy, I suggest you go check out Tylie, they have just the thing. Santa’s hat (and hair) in this image is a VIP gift at Argrace. There’s no joining fee for their update group, but you need to have purchased at least one item from Argrace to get to VIP status.

Now let’s look at the free Logan mesh head from Lelutka , while you can still grab it. You’ll find it at the temporary sims they’ve created just for this head, so the main store doesn’t get overwhelmed: Lelutka Gift Sim 1Lelutka Gift Sim 2Lelutka Gifts Sim 3. I’m not sure whether you have till Christmas Eve or Christmas day to pick up this head for free, but I’m sure you’ll be sad to find out you’ve missed it. I’m using it here with three other gifts from the 12 Days of Christmas action: the Brett skin in peach tone by Clef De Peau, de body skin for Legacy by Velour (including a neck fix to match the Clef De Peau skin) and the Avi-Glam Nice Eyes. (the hair is Reach by Stealthic and not a freebie)

Last but not least I wanted to mention a lovely Christmas version of the Kouyou sweater by Deadwool. It currently is a very welcome group gift a their main store (L$10 group joining fee). This sweater pairs nicely with Deadwool’s Kojima jeans. This is promising to be another tricky Christmas for a lot of people, with restrictions, a steadily growing number of infections with this funky new variant of our little Covid friend and a whole lot of loneliness for those forced into isolation. Nothing is stopping you from putting on your silly old comfy Christmas sweater though.

If you can do with some virtual company, maybe you can check out British comedian Sarah Millican on Twitter. She keeps a conversation going on Christmas day with the hashtag #joinin. Also remember that there’s nothing wrong with being alone for Christmas if that is what you like or that’s how things turn out and you don’t really mind it. Whenever someone tells me they think it’s aaaaaawful that I’m all by myself for Christmas, I promptly remind them that they don’t seem to care a rat’s furry ass that I’m alone most of the rest of the year too. That usually shuts them up. Oh I sure do I like to decorate the holiday season with awkward silences and painfully polite smiles. Right, now where did I leave that sweater?! Ho ho ho b*tches!

Images shot at Snowdrops

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