Clearing out the wardrobe – Episode 12

We have now reached the confusing in-between days of the holiday season. Many people are having some time off, but aren’t exactly sure what to do with it. Those that are working between Christmas and New Year’s eve might be working on a little project that needed to be taken care off, but are lacking the sense of urgency to really get going. This is also my approach to my long list of outfits that could do with an update. Noche just released and updated version of their Fur Vest (at Equal10 until January 5th) which I previously got with a prescription box (named Swagbag) many Second Life™ moons ago. I believe I actually meant to mention it to the creator that it’s a shame this vest was only available in a size suitable for the old TMP Deluxe body. He must have read my mind. Careful deary, it’s awfully smutty up there. Anyhoo, an updated item is always a good kick-off to update a whole look.

Now the Noche Fur Vest has been rigged for the Legacy and Jake mesh bodies and if you treat yourself to the fatpack, you’ll get a whopping 41 textures. Even for the inside of the vest, of which you’ll just catch a glimpse every now and again, there are six texture options. I’ve always liked the idea of a jacket in a stylishly sombre fabric contrasted with a bold fashion statement for the lining.
Sadly the Bondage Strap Pants by Gild I was wearing with the old outfit have not been updated, so I went for the next best thing with a bit of strap-action at Gild. The “Crotch Trousers” (awkward name!) aren’t exactly a very recent item, but they come in the Belleza size and the boots are included, so at least I didn’t have to go look for footwear.

The old TMP Deluxe mesh body and head have been swapped out with the Belleza Jake mesh body and Lelutka Logan mesh head. As much as I loved the wildness of the Aeros hair I was using for the old look, I feel it simply doesn’t cut the mustard anymore so I opted for the more realistic Reach hair by Stealthic and made it a little taller than I usually do, just to recapture some of that drama. The skin I used is a new one by Birth, called Rai. I could have popped a beard on this, but I wanted to go for a very fresh-faced look this time around. I’m sure he’ll grow a beard eventually. I love the piercing blue eyes I recently got from Avi-Glam. They’re called Borealis eyes and include an applier for Lelutka mesh eyes, among other options. These eyes are a discounted item for Pride At Home at the moment.
I’ve made a shape for the Lelutka Logan mesh head and Legacy mesh body. You can find my“Frank” shape in my Marketplace store. Though it was made for Legacy, I used it with the Belleza Jake body for this blog post, because the Gild trousers didn’t include a Legacy size. While shapes for these two bodies aren’t entirely interchangeable, I think it doesn’t look too shabby on Jake.
Finally I felt the outfit needed some zhuzhing up, so I added the Hunter Pendant by Marked, the Cole Wristband by Tori Torricelli (group gift, joining fee is L$50) and the Ring Bracelet by Cerberus Crossing [CX] (group gift, joining fee is L$50).

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