Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 34

The holiday season round of Man Cave is the usual veritable treasure trove of gifts, making it the perfect subject for another episode of Partridge in a Pear Tree. I’ve counted over 90 of them and though it was a chore to unpack them all, it definitely wasn’t a bore. You’ve got until January 11th to grab them all, but let’s jump right into the thick of it with a first snapshot.

In this shot both avatars are wearing the Phillipe skin by Vendetta for Lelutka EvoX mesh heads. Of course a BOM layer is included and this blends into any body skin (make sure you wear it on top of the body skin), or you can head over to the Vendetta store and purchase their matching body skin (skin tone #4). Our chap on the left is wearing the Toy Pants by Tiller and Gutchi Old School V2 Casual sneakers. Both items come with a pretty generous hud, which make these rather awesome gifts. As we’re in a lockerroom situation here, I thought it logical for him to be carrying the Cordewa Gym Bag, but how the hell does he fit everything in that? He’s wearing two tattoos, cause he’s like really bad ass yeah, you know wa I meen? His arms are more or less covered with the Crave tattoo by Speakeasy and on his chest he has the Vida Loca tattoo by Corazon. He’s got one Judy earring in from Andore and is sporting the Logan knit cap by Vango. You can just about catch a glimpse of the Nexus hairbase underneath that wooly hat and I’ve given him the Gloom Tim eyebrows (with a slash) and Eon freckles by Not Found to add a bit of extra character to that pretty face. The other mostly undressed dude is wearing the Casual Boxers by Kalback and he’s inked up with the Forme tattoo by Dappa. His hairbase is KAZ by Volkstone and is a great example of how some people are going with detailed hairbases for a short hair look instead of using mesh hair. Everything else in this shot has nothing to do with the Man Cave gifts. I just felt like setting the scene. Ignore the naked guy under the N4RS shower. Ha! Made ya look! Everything is shown on the Legacy mesh body and Lelutka Logan mesh head.

(pssst: the shorts come off on Patreon) – Shot on lacation at Oost Beach

If you’re in the market for some shorts, then the Man Cave gifts have got you (partially) covered. From left to right you’re seeing the Invictus cotton shorts with a classic fleur de lys pattern, in the middle we have the Duk Seul Shorts which come with a hud for the bit of underwear that’s sticking out and on the right we have the itty bitty tiny Medinna shorts by Totally Wicket. The cheeky chap on the left is wearing the Tumb tattoo by Fewness and another little tattoo on his face by Badwolf (with that brand name, they must be Doctor Who fans, surely). The mister in the middle is trying to look too cool for school with the Landry Candy Cane Glasses by Deep Static. FYI: the avatar on the left in this shot uses the Belleza Jake body and Lelutka Logan mesh head with the Stray Dog Marc skin. This skin is still a gift at Stray Dog at the time that I’m posting this. His hair is Hysteria by Stealthic. Not free or anything, just thought I’d mention it in case you were wondering.

Ohlala, tze naughtinezz continues at my Patreon

For lounging around the house and/or cuddly wuddly time, you’ll find that the Eustace pajamas by Enraged and the Striker briefs by Matova are just the trick.

Now, let’s return to decency and a style that is more in keeping with the season to finish of this blog post, because there definitely are some gifts that combine nicely to make complete outfits. The Cold Ash Nicholas sweater pairs nicely with the Sido pants by Imagine Moda and the simple clean-cut Donato pants by VUK are a great match with the Jordan plaid shirt by KLOV, which includes a hud with some textures for the t-shirt that goes with it.

Aaaaand it’s a wrap! Obviously this is just a small-ish percentage of the gifts at Man Cave, so if you haven’t done so yet, head over there now and grab them all while you still can. The bussies time has passed now, so the lag shouldn’t be too bad. By the way, have you found yourself in stores in real life shortly before Christmas, thinking: “gawd, can you believe the lag at this sim?”


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