A Gianni-Catwa Combo 2

In my previous post I combined an older Catwa mesh head (Victor) with the Signature Gianni mesh body, because someone made a comment on one of my posts that this combination is a “total disaster” because of the unsightly neck seam. While I agree that we’ve got better options these days that give us an invisible neck seam, I thought “total disaster” was putting it a bit strongly. Today I’m repeating the exercise with the Catwa HD Pro George mesh head, which to date is the only male head they have in their HD Pro line.

Neck seam visibility is greatly influenced by WindLight™ (click for larger image)

For some reason I’m noticing the neck seam more today, especially from a certain distance and on the back of the neck when the mesh head is casting a shadow. I went back to the previous combo (Catwa Victor & Gianni) and noticed the same thing. It’s the kind of issue that some people are trying to solve by telling you to change your WindLight™, because sure enough, in some WindLights and from some angles you can hardly see the neck seam at all. I’m still not calling this a total disaster, but it definitely leaves a lot of room for improvement. The Gianni body includes two version: one with a “default neck” and another one with an “SL neck” and it doesn’t appear to make any difference which one I use, the result is the same.

I guess anyone with a preference for the Signature Gianni body and Catwa mesh heads is going to either have to live with the (sometimes very) visible neck seam or move on to something else. At Catwa I saw a neck blender tattoo by Izzie and I tested it, but whatever difference it made was negligible. I haven’t been using this body an awful lot lately, but the commitment the creator has shown to keep it up to date and the professionalism of the Signature website is highly commendable. I think I’ll try a combination with a Lelutka head and maybe one with an Akeruka head too and pay close attention to the neck seam. To be continued…

If you like this blogpost and feel an overwhelming urge to show your appreciation, you can always…


  • Catwa HDPRO George mesh head
  • Signature Gianni mesh body
  • Birth Roman skin made especially for the Catwa HDPRO mesh head + the Birth body skin for Signature
  • Patrick shape
  • IDTTY Real Eyebrows (my Patrick shape includes a brow shape for these eyebrows as well as one for the brows on the Birth Roman skin)
  • Avi-Glam Solstice Eyes, applied on the mesh eyes that come with the Catwa head
  • Stealthic Like Lust hair
  • Noche mesh nipples
  • Beard comes as one of many BOM layers with the Catwa head
  • Noche Miguel joggers (fyi, the sleeping guy in the background is wearing Noche’s Pajama Onesie, a group gift but rigged for Belleza Jake only)
  • Noche Undewear Graphic Set
  • JIAN Kitten Pillow
  • LISP Bazaar – Mid Century Fireplace
  • Eli Baily Smith Wardrobe, Light Wood
  • N4RS Minelli Bed

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