A Gianni-Lelutka Combo

As vaguely promised in my two previous blog posts in which I looked at combinations of Catwa mesh heads with the Signature Gianni mesh body, I shall be turning my critical eye towards a Gianni-Lelutka combo.

It’s hit and miss with the neck seam, depending on the WindLight™ (click for larger image)

Again the neck seam looks okay from certain angles and in certain WindLight™, but often you’ll be able to spot it quite clearly. Second Life vlogger Novato has an interesting “tutorial” showing several bodies with a Lelutka head and in her example with Gianni there magically is no neck seam, but as far as I can see she’s not doing anything special there, so I’m assuming it’s just a case of luck with the WindLight and also, she’s only showing what it looks like from the front, while it usually is the back of the neck that has the most issues. Shine/glossiness have been turned down on both the body and head to make sure that this wasn’t what was causing the issue and obviously I am using a head and body skin by the same maker. Deuh, what am I, a noob? I don’t think the result is much better than with the Catwa head, but personally I do prefer this look over the two I created with the Catwa heads. There’s something about the angles of the Lelutka Connor mesh head that makes it go particularly well with Gianni in my opinion.

Hopefully Signature will address this issue in a next update sooner rather than later, as it would be sad to see a brand that has put so much effort in developing their product fall by the wayside. Right, now it’s time for me to pack away the Christmas decorations… But there’s a little distraction. You can find out on Patreon what it is.

UPDATE: At some point I needed to make a new headshot for this blogpost, because I updated it to a the new layout of my blog. While I was at it, I created two more saucy pics for Patreon too. Meanwhile I received an update of the Signature Gianni body (v 6.0) and it looks like the neck seam issue has improved. Looking at the log on Signature’s site, a lot of small improvements have been made. I’ll have to do another blog post with Gianni soon… soon-ish… at some point. *sigh* No rest for the whicked!


  • Signature Gianni mesh body
  • Lelutka Connor mesh head
  • Billy Beaverhausen Keith shape
  • Birth Greyson skin for Lelutka EvoX mesh heads and their body skin for Signature in matching skin tone. The hairbase and facial hair both come with the head.
  • Avi-Glam Erudite eyes, applied on rigged mesh eyes that come with the Lelutka head
  • Stealthic Narcotic hair

You can always help me to keep going with this blog and…

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