Let’s get real – Episode 1

Maybe it’s writer’s block, but I couldn’t think of anything Second Life™ related to write about, so I thought I’d start up another subseries in this blog, dedicated to day-to-day real life stuff. Maybe you couldn’t care less, but at least it’ll be an outlet for myself.

Let’s start with the good old chestnut and the most reliable talking topic of them all: the weather! Winter has been a boomerang affair in Stockholm. By that I mean that snow has been coming and going and just when I thought we’d seen the last of the white stuff for this winter and I had pretty much thrown the very idea of snow to the furthest resesses of my mind, I opened the curtains the other day to a full blanked of the fresh pristine looking fluffy stuff. What was I thinking anyway? Of course winter wasn’t going to be over yet, Silly Billy. So instead of seeing me wandering around in town working om my step count, you’re more likely to find me at home, being very unproductive and hanging out in my t-shirt and pants or at most a pair of sweatpants when I have to take the trash out or maybe have to head down to the laundry room. There is just something about snow that puts me in slow motion mode.

Let’s talk TV now. I recently finally finished the Battlestar Galactica series from 2004-2009 and it gave me a sense of achievement, mixed with mild abandonment issues and anticlimactic disappointment… I should watch it again some time. If you’re a Second Life™ clothing creator, I urge you to take a look at the uniform the actors were wearing to play a game of “Pyramid” in the 70’s version of Battlestar Galactica. Luckily/sadly they left that behind when they rebooted the series.
I’m also watching The Masked Singer on VTM, a Belgian tv-channel catering for the Dutch-speaking area of the country. There are no English subtitles, but you can always appreciate the performances and costumes and skip the bla bla in between. I may have mentioned once or twice on this blog that I’m a Belgian living in Sweden. I usually don’t care much for Belgian TV, but I happily make an exception for The Masked Singer. There’s something special about watching a deer sing a Justin Bieber song.

Let’s talk work. Do we have to? OK, it’s not too bad. Back in October I started going to the office again, because there was pressure from higher management to do so. Apparently some CEO’s are so set in their ways, they can’t believe that some people will be just as productive when working from home. To be honest though, I’m enjoying being at the office more than I thought I would. I’m not particularly close with any of my colleagues, but that doesn’t stop me from having the occasional chat. It’s also great to be sitting at an actual desk in an actual desk chair instead of at my kitchen table on a chair that isn’t really suited for the job. What’s less great is that about 1.5 to 2 hours of my day is waisted on travelling to and from work. I’d rather spent that time in bed, sleeping.

So that’s me, just getting through life one day at a time. Sometimes it feels more like surviving than living, but I cling on to the many tiny moments of beauty that come my way and I hope that as long as I have my sense of humor, I’ll be ok.


  • Noche Oliver Crop Vest, currently at the EQUAL10 event until February 5th 2022, check Noche’s main store at any later date.
  • Also by Noche: Morgan underwear (it has that same ribbed slightly fluffy texture as the crop vest), Athletic Socks and Plaid Sweatpants
  • Lelutka Luka mesh head
  • Athletic Meshbody (sometimes referred to as Legacy Athletic)
  • Birth skin Ozias for Lelutka Evo. Are you freaking out because this skin is all over the place on your head? Make sure to switch to Evo in the hud for your Lelutka head if the last skin you were using was EvoX). The freckles are an integral part of the skin and the beard comes with the Lelutka head.
  • On the body I am of course using Birth’s skin for the Legacy mesh body as there isn’t one specifically made for the Athletic body.
  • Stray Dog ADD ON Renato Hairbase suitable for Lelutka in Evo mode
  • Billy Beaverhausen Kedar shape
  • Kitten and sleeping corgi both by Jian, but they have better options these days.
  • Some of the more visible decor items: Anna Coffee Table and Anna Sofa by Lisp Bazaar, Retro TV by GCD, Dover desk and chair by Fancy Decor (part of what used to be a gacha set and you now have to purchase the whole set if you want any of the items). Leave me a comment if you’re wondering about any of the other items you’re spotting and I’ll get back to you as soon as I notice there’s a comment (which can take a while)

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