Initiating Inithium

A while ago I spotted a new-ish male mesh body and found out that it has it’s own event (not on right now). The body is named Kario by Inithium and it’s one of those that will attract the kind of market that loves bodybuilders or fitness models at the extremer end of muscularity. It’s not totally my cup of tea, but I do like showcasing something different on my blog every now and again, so I grabbed myself that muscle mary and dragged it home with me.

The body comes complete with a starter kit, including some outfits, body hair, a tattoo and even a face skin for Lelutka EvoX mesh heads by Not Found. However, there’s a side note to that. I put on the Not Found skin, then added the ear tattoo (as one does with Lelutka EvoX mesh heads) and then added the body skin and while I found it gave me a seamless neck, I also noticed that for some reason the body skin adds some shading to the head which ruins the ear seam. Seriously! So that’s going to be a thing now? Ear seam issues! Why does the body skin even do anything with the mesh head! Leave the head alone! (as well as Britney)

Luckily there already is a body skin available at Not Found for Kario and it does leave the head alone. You can either use this with any skin from the Not Found range for Lelutka EvoX heads, or with the above mentioned Not Found skin that comes with the body. I didn’t know what came with the body when I purchased Kario at the Inithium event and I impulsively also bought the body skin by Not Found as well as their John skin for Lelutka heads. I mean, it was all right there and I thought, in for a penny, in for a pound. As it turns out, I’m happy with how this look came together without ear issues! Maybe someone will mention the ears to the Inithium creator(s) and they’ll rework the skins that come with the body. Or maybe someone will read this and tell me I was doing something wrong. “I’m open to suggestions,” he says in his bedroom voice. On a very positive note, I have to say this body comes with some nice extras like the tank top, shorts and sneakers our running man is wearing here. You also get some swim shorts, sweatpants and flip flops, so the basics of sporty lounge wear are more or less covered.

Location Oost Beach (Adult)

One of the brands that are slowly updating some of their items to fit the Kario body is Guilty. OK, a the Jacker jacket and Slup thong make a weird combination, but It’s my beach time and I do with it what I want. That is the best approach to Second Life™ in general anyway. Obviously one needs to respect the particular rules any given sim may have, but apart from that it’s your SL and you do with it what you want. It’s your party and you cry if you want to. And on that happy note I’ll leave you with the credits. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Kario in the future.


  • Inithium Kario mesh body
  • Lelutka Devon mesh head
  • Not Found John skin for Lelutka EvoX mesh heads and their matching body skin for the Kario body. I’m also wearing their nipple hider and have enabled the mesh nipples in the body’s hud
  • Billy Beaverhausen Russell shape
  • The body comes with a set of Nexus body hair, but I have mixed it with another more subtle set I’ve purchased at Nexus. The pubic area, trail and chest hair are from the Nexus A02 set. The arm and leg hair comes with the body.
  • Hair base (#28) and beard come with the head
  • Lewis hair and hat by Modulus
  • Gold shorts in the first shot are by Kat.Zo
  • As already mentioned the Jacker jacket and Slup thong are by Guilty

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