Nipplegate and other hypocrisy

As we are approaching February 1st and the anniversary of the “Nipplegate” scandal, let’s just pause a minute and reflect on how utterly ridiculous it is that this mishap got so much attention at the time and how the story still hasn’t completely died out. Apparently after that wardrobe malfunction the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) fined CBS for an indecency violation of $27,500 and increased it to $325,000 and later increased it again to $550,000, but apparently that was thrown out in court. I don’t know what they eventually ended up paying and CBS probably could afford it, but we are talking about a nipple. A NIPPLE! Not even two, just one. You know, those things that don’t appear to have any function on the male body other than being decorative and fun to play with… Mind you, I know some people that fit that description.

Also, the nipple wasn’t completely au naturelle. Janet had some kind of starburst thing on it. I don’t know if that was a piercing or some kind of clamp and I’m also not sure if it made things worse or not. That takes me to nipple accessories in Second Life™… I know right, good segue! Noche has just launched nipple Cross Pasties and I dare say that, instead of protecting your modesty, these sexy shiny little stick-on nipple covers actually make your bare chest ever so slightly more obsceen, in a good way. I took it pretty far here with my photoshoot, in a dungeon with a doggy mask, leather and latex galore, but I think these would be great as club wear too, with a pair of leather trousers and Doc. Martin boots.

But to go back to reflecting on “moral indecency”. Sometimes I feel there is a comparable hypocritic approach to Second Life™. Clearly there is a lot of interest in what must be classed as adult behaviour / entertainment in our virtual world, but for many people it remains their dirty little secret. When discussion sex with friends, it takes a certain amount of confidence to say: “my sex life is purely virtual these days.” At least, that’s what I feel anyway. Meanwhile people are still engaging in unprotected real life sex and passing on STDs and an alarming rate, but somehow I’m the weirdo for having pixel sex? We probably do live in a slightly more understanding world than, let’s say fifty years ago, but we still have a long long way to go. Even homophobia and the hate crimes related to it seem to be on the rise again. Another reason why for some people Second Life™ is their only possible temporary relief from living a lie. I’ll leave you here with this food for thought and the credits. nom nom nom


  • Faces aren’t really visible, so I’m not mentioning mesh heads
  • Left and middle avatars are using the Belleza Jake mesh body, the avatar on the right has the Legacy mesh body.
  • Items worn:

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