Another “holiday” is getting near

It feels like only yesterday we were counting down the seconds to let in the new year with high hopes for something better than what we’ve been experiencing the past two years, but in fact already more than a month has passed and we’re fast approaching one of those holidays that isn’t even an official holiday (seriously, we need more public holidays!) but from a commercial point of view it’s a really big thing.

Let’s face it, you’re going to be smacked in the face with heart motives, candy and flowers (often red roses) in shop window whether you appreciate it or not. Personally I think the idea behind Valentine’s Day isn’t too bad. I mean sure, you should show appreciation for your loved ones on any given day without feeling the social pressure to do so and I’m not too sure about that whole anonymous Valentine thing. There’s a fine line between a secret admirer and a stalker. But on the other hand, it can also be the perfect day to finally let someone know how you feel about them. Obviously you may get rejected, but at least then you (hopefully) can move one. What I definitely don’t appreciate about this day, is the assumption that anyone who hasn’t got a special something, must feel at least a little bit miserable on Valentine’s. Nope! Personally I don’t really care. It is what it is. You’re getting a box of chocolates from your honey, I’ll just get my own. And with that I’ll just leave you with the credits, so you can also get your own new onesie.


  • Noche Zedd Onesie at Fameshed until February 27th, check Noche’s main store at any later date. The onesie comes in sizes for Beleza Jake and the Legacy as well as Athletic mesh body. That last one should be considered as “experimental”, but I’m using the Athletic body for this post and it fit perfectly.
  • Black avatar:
    • Lelutka Luka mesh head
    • Athletic mesh body
    • Birth Ozias skin for Lelutka mesh heads (this is not a Lelutka EvoX skin, so make sure to switch to Evo in the hud that comes with your Lelutka head) + Birth’s matching body skin for the Legacy mesh body
    • Stray Dog Add On Renato hair base (again, this is Evo, not EvoX)
    • Avi Glam Solstice eyes applied to the mesh eyes that come with the head
    • Beard comes with the head
    • Billy Beaverhausen Kedar shape
  • White avatar:
    • Lelutka Logan mesh head
    • Legacy mesh body
    • Vendetta Phillip skin for Lelutka EvoX mesh head + their matching body skin for Legacy
    • Vango Neil hair (group gift)
    • Beard and hair base come with head
  • Foxcity Photobooth – The Book Nook
  • All books and the coral specimen are by Apple Fall
  • Gold coffee bean (group gift) and the wooden box with painted lid are by Fancy Decor
  • Exotic plants/button fern by Vespertine
  • Jian Kitten Pillow

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