Valentine Shop & Hop

If with my previous post Valentine’s Day was rapidly approaching, with this post it is getting near to the point where it will start banging at your door, insisting to be let in. I of course will meet it with my sincerest grumpy cat impression and tell it NO! But that doesn’t mean I can’t go to the Second Life™ Shop & Hop event, because who doesn’t love a bargain? That’s some kind of love too, right? You’ve gotta hurry to still catch this event though, it ends on February 15th.

One example is the Blague set by Fancy Decor. You can get the fatpack at a 50% discount, which will get you the bed, end table, lamp, rug, bench and artwork at a steal. As always the Shop & Hop event is held at a number of sims, all stitched together to appear as one large festive shopping mall. You’ll find the Fancy Decor booth at the Poppy sim.

I also came across the very flashy sequin briefs by Cheerno and grabbed this with a 30% discount. These briefs are rigged for Jake, Legacy and Enzo and you’ll find the Cheerno booth at the Lupine sim. Don’t forget that there are also loads of gifts at the Valentine Shop & Hop. Unfortunately for those of use with male avatars, most of the gifts are for female avatars and in SL it isn’t a case of being brave enough to be “none binary” in your choice of clothing, because female clothing simply doesn’t fit on a male avatar. Truth be told, real life me ain’t gonna look good in a little black dress either. Anyhoo, I’m digressing again. The see through “Black Heart” shirt is a gift by Reinvent and you’ll find their booth right next to the one for Cheerno at the Lupine sim.

I’ve made some adult extra steamy bathroom threesome scenes to go with this post. Head over to my Patreon page to see them and show your support of my blog by becoming a Patron.

Credits (referring to the group shot)

  • Mesh bodies: Belleza Jake (left), Meshbody Legacy (right and middle).
  • Mesh heads: Lelutka Logan (left and middle), Lelutka Luka.
  • Skins: Stray Dog Mark for Lelutka EvoX (left), Vendetta Phillip for Lelutka EvoX (middle), Birth Ozias for Lelutka Evo (obviously this can be worn on EvoX heads, just click the Evo button in the Lelutka HUD). All face skins are combined with the matching body skins from the same creators.
  • Hair: Stealthic Hysteria (left), Vango Neil (middle, group gift), Stray Dog ADD ON Renato Hairbase (right).
  • Beards all come with the head.
  • Tattoos: Fewness Tumb Tattoo and BadWolf face tattoo for EvoX heads (left), Dappa Forme tattoo (middle).
  • Noche Zedd Onesie at Fameshed until February 27th, check Noche’s main store at any later date. The onesie is rigged for Belleza Jake and Meshbody Legacy & Athletic.
  • Noche Tommy Towel. The version shown in the bedroom scene is a prop, but there’s a wrap-around wearable version for Belleza, Gianni and Legacy.
  • Shapes: all three are my own shapes, the one on the right is named Luka and currently is the only one of these three that’s available for purchase.
  • If you fancy the Fancy Decor Blague bedroom set (or just some items from it), you will still find it at their main store after the Valentines Shop & Hop.
  • The same goes for the sequence briefs, you’ll find those at the Cheerno / Nexus store. I couldn’t find them their yet today, so maybe they used the event to launch this product and it will be up at their store soon. If not, then at least they have plenty of other briefs to choose from.

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