Locker Room Talk

The Urban Dictionary defines locker room talk as “Any manner of conversation that polite society dictates be held privately – with small groups of like-minded, similarly gendered peers – due to its sexually charged language, situations or innuendos.” These days I’ve personally occasionally had the feeling that any talk about the possible outbreak of a (nuclear) third world war should be confined to that kind of space as well. I know, I know! Burying my head in the sand won’t stop it either, but it’s like being out on a nice hike somewhere in the stunning countryside, enjoying the beautiful vistas and then making an unfortunate fall and breaking your leg. The quality of that walk would have been severely diminished if you would have known all along that you were going to break your leg. Constantly being consciously aware of a broken leg being just around the corner, wouldn’t exactly improve the ramble either. Imagine trying to enjoy that outdoor experience with a couple of friends who find it necessary to share their views and expertise on just how you are most likely about to break your leg, based on what they saw on the news last night. Sometimes you can’t even stop yourself from joining in! You’ll be like: “yeah, I think the leg has lost its senses,” and you hate yourself for it! Sometimes I just need everybody to shut up.

Luckily I have Second Life™ to lose myself in for a couple of hours now and again. I can have wholesome fun making some changes to the interiors of my homes or can let a new jockstrap inspire me to create another one of my titillating “Batting For The Other Team” scenes. In those moments, there is no such thing as the real world and I believe we all need this kind of relieve from reality now and again. Someone knew what they were doing when they invented the concept of “entertainment.” That must have been how cavemen drawings started out. Luckily we are a bit more spoiled for options these days. I met a woman from Lithuania this week and she said that one of her fears was that everything would go back to the communist regime she grew up in. “We had one sausage, one kind of milk…” Both my childish sense of humor and my horror at the depravity of it all kinda stopped me from listening beyond “one sausage”. Some say choice is an illusion, but I for one rather like that illusion. I tend to take issue with things that are forced upon me, certainly a sausage. Anyhoo, speaking of choices, I’ll leave you with the credits now so you can go pick and chose for yourself.


  • Noche Wade jockstrap out at Fameshed now until March 27th and of course at their main store ones this round of Fameshed has ended.
  • Baseball outfit: Noche Robinson pants and socks, Tylie Ruth shirt (you can purchase this shirt at Noche as well), Modulus Lewis hat & hair, Semller Two-Plat sneakers.
  • Blond avatar: Lelutka Logan mesh head, Meshbody Legacy, Birth Rai skin for Lelutka EvoX mesh heads and their body skin for Legacy, hairbase and beard included with mesh head, Avi-Glam Borealis eyes (applied to mesh eyes that come with head), Billy Beaverhausen Frank shape.
  • If you want details on any of the other avatars, let me know in the comments here on in Flickr.

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