Virtual Beach Therapy – Episode 8

Today my search for sun, sea and relaxation took me to Angel’s Palms. Inspired by the beaches of the west coast, this sim offers plenty of spots to chill, a coffee shop, perfect waves for surfing and for those of you looking for a place to settle down there are some houses and apartments for rent, though nothing appeared obviously available at the moment. I often wish I could project these Second Life™ beaches on the walls of my apartment for a more immersive experience. Having windows to real life in the middle of those SL landscapes would be really trippy though. It reminds of an SL friend who sometimes wasn’t sure whether he’d left SL on or a window open when he was hearing birds. That reminds me that I should mention I rather enjoyed the stream at Angel’s Palms. It’s that kind of non intrusive background noise that goes well with the other noises at the sim. At least my headset does take me some way to an immersive experience. Nothing having to hear my upstairs neighbours’ elephantine stumping is a blessing in itself.

Angel’s Palms looks deceptively simple, but I’m sure some quality time went into putting this well balanced and beautifully landscaped sim together. Maybe it could do with just a few more spots to chill, seeing how that is how they promote it. Under promise and over deliver, that’s what I always say. And with that, I’ll leave you to it and deliver the credits.


  • Lelutka Alain mesh head.
  • Meshbody Legacy.
  • Stray Dog Hikaru for Lelutka Evo + their body skin for the Legacy body. Using BOM layers for all, like one does these day. Make sure you switch from EvoX to Evo in the hud of your Lelutka head if you put on this Stray Dog skin and it’s all over the place, though I’m sure this tip is just for the rookies.
  • Billy Beaverhausen Grant shape, originally made for Belleza, but used with Legacy here.
  • Modulus Lewis hat and hair.
  • Noche Mesh nipples
  • Noche Armani mesh crop tank.
  • Legal Insanity Diego denim shorts.
  • Noche James thong. You need to use bulge size 0 for this combination with the shorts to work and it tends to work best with the Legacy body, with Belleza the thong doesn’t fit as nicely under the shorts.
  • Noche mesh stockings at the monthly Equal10 event until April 5th, check Noche’s main store after that date.
  • Semller folded cavas boots, floral edition
  • Noir Chuck bracelets

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