Putting the “short” in shorts – Episode 5

The latest addition to my wardrobe may leave little to the imagination, but it sure is stimulating mine. The new Hudson shorts by Noche, released at the current round of Fameshed (ends April 27), got me wondering yet again at which point shorts become briefs. Maybe it’s more about the fabric than the cut? People definitely have some strong sexist ideas of how long men’s shorts should be. Fair enough, in real life many men will be missing the amply shaped firm buttocks and muscular legs to pull of the look, but surely in Second Life™ we’re merely showing our appreciation for the hours of work that have gone into creating a fabulous looking mesh body by putting as much as possible of it on display as often we can, without breaking sim maturity level rules of course. And as for real life, surely the Shorts Nazi can find something more useful to do with their lives.


  • Noche Hudson Shorts (go to Fameshed if you read this before or on April 27th)
  • Legacy mesh body
  • The black avatar is using body skin by Birth, the white avatar is using body skin by Vendetta. You can get a clearer view of the black avatar in my previous block post about virtual beach therapy. The tattooed hunk is more visible in a blog post I did round Christmas. Which makes me think: holy forking shirt balls, it’s almost Easter already. Aaaaaah! What’s happing with time? Oh look, I waited until the credits to have a panic attack. That’s helpful. NOT. Does this count as an Easter egg?
  • Dappa Forme tattoo
  • Milk Motion Mykonos street

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