Editor’s Picks

While I often don’t pay much attention to the opinion of people who try to tell me what I should or shouldn’t watch on TV, which books I should absolutely read and I have a low grade loathing for lists of 100 places I should visit before I die, when it comes to Second life™ I often use the Editor’s Picks in the destination guide as a source of inspiration for visiting sims I haven’t been to yet. Today’s destination is La Petite Provence.

You land at a charming small provincial market town that simply demands to be explored. It made me think I should start buying fruit and veg from the market myself in real life, but I probably won’t because I’m addicted to convenience and it takes too much effort to go to different places to do my groceries while I can easily get everything from one big supermarket. Oh well, it’s still fun to inspect the virtual goods in SL though.

You can climb up to a house on the hill for some quality lounging by the pool or in any of the inviting rooms of this sprawling mansion. Should the night turn chilly, as it often does during spring in this part of the world when the sky has been absolutely cloudless all day, you can curl up on a sofa by an open fireplace, read a good book and forget about life for a bit. That’s what I would do probably. I’ve been meaning to read The Cider House Rules again, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Before I’ll leave you with the credits for my outfit, I need to mention that from the landing spot a La Petite Provence you can also teleport to different scenes in the skies like a snow chalet (oh, no more snow for me, thanks!), magical caves and outer space. I think I need to visit that magical cave some time when I’m in fairy mode.


  • Noche Daniel Hoodie at the monthly Equal10 event until May 5th, go to Noche’s main store after that date
  • Noche James thong, when using the size 0 bulge this thong fits under some jeans with the Legacy mesh body, a trick that often doesn’t work with the Belleza body
  • Legal Insanity Lewis denims
  • Legal Insanity River bracelets, at the current round of Fameshed until April 27, check the Legal Insanity main store after that. I love that these bracelets have been rigged for several bodies. No more bracelets cutting into wrists and hands as I move!
  • Marked Hunter Pendant Necklace
  • Legacy mesh body
  • Lelutka Connor mesh head (includes the beard an hairbase used for this look)
  • Birth Hendrix skin for Lelutka EvoX mesh head + Birth body skin for Legacy
  • Billy Beaverhausen Brent shape
  • Nar Mattaru Immortalis tattoo
  • Stealthic Narcotic hair
  • Noche mesh nipples
  • Dust Bunny Farmer’s Market (full set includes the van, produce and other bits and bobs), the “farmer” is wearing the Hawk Crop Tee, Ethan apron and James thong all by Noche with the Kojima jeans by Deadwool
  • House: reBourne Casa Blanca

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