Latex & Leather Fetish 9

I thought I’d (ab)use this last day of the holy Easter weekend to sneak in another blog post featuring leather and/or latex items. After all, if Jesus is coming I should look busy.

Of course, as with so many of our Christian holidays, Easter was deftly pasted over an existing pagan festival and apparently that’s where we get the bunny from. In English-speaking countries Easter takes its name from a pagan goddess from Anglo-Saxon England. Eostre was a goddess of spring or renewal and her feast is attached to the vernal equinox, the day on which day and night are of equal length. In Germany the festival is called Ostern, and the goddess is called Ostara. Rabbits and hares are associated with fertility and new life and were symbols linked to the goddess Eostre. In my home country Belgium and several other countries, Easter bells fly over and drop eggs. I haven’t got a clue where that idea comes from, nor do I want to research it right now. Ain’t nothing sexy about some winged bells, now bunnies on the other hand…

If you’ve been doing any kind of Easer egg hunting in Second Life™, chances are you’ve picked up at least one pair of bunny ears. If you want a pair in latex, you should head over to Cheerno/Nexus and look for the wall with group gifts. There you’ll find both bunny ears options as shown above and there’s no group joining fee, so you’ve go no excuse for not getting your Easter kink on.


  • Daddy Harness, James Thong Metallic, Xavior Latex Sleeves, Bill Essential Gloves and Mesh Stockings all by Noche.
  • Legacy mesh body (both avatars).
  • Noche mesh nipples (both)
  • Left:
    • Lelutka Alain mesh head, includes options for beards and hairbases
    • Stray Dog Hikaru for Lelutka Evo mesh heads + their body skin for Legacy. If the face looks all over the place when you put on the skin, you need to switch from Evox to Evo in the hud for your Lelutka mesh head. You can see the face more clearly in Latex & Leather Episode 8.
    • Stealthic Reach hair
    • Billy Beaverhausen Grant shape (originally made for Belleza, but I often use it with Legacy)
  • Right:
    • Lelutka Logan mesh head, includes options for beards and hairbases
    • Vendetta Phillip for Lelutka Evox mesh heads + their body skin for Legacy.
    • Dappa Forme tattoo
    • No shape for this one in Marketplace yet

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